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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PolemoniaceaePhlox amoenaHairy Phlox, Chalice PhloxDry woodlands and forests, roadbanks, longleaf pine sandhills.W. NC west to s. KY, south to Panhandle FL and MS.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox amplifoliaBroadleaf PhloxMoist forests, particularly over mafic or calcareous rocks.W. VA west to s. IN and se. MO, south to w. NC, AL, and n. AR.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox buckleyiSwordleaf Phlox, Shale-barren PhloxShale woodlands and woodland edges, shaley roadbanks.Endemic to w. VA and e. WV.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox carolinaCarolina Phlox, Thick-leaf Phlox, Giant PhloxForests, woodlands, woodland borders, barrens.VA, WV, IL and MO south to s. GA, Panhandle FL, s. AL, s. MS, se. LA and e. TX.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox drummondii var. peregrinaAnnual Phlox, Drummond PhloxDry sandy soils of roadsides, fields, disturbed areas.S. OK south to s. TX, eastwards as an escape from horticultural use.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox floridanaFlorida PhloxLongleaf pine sandhills, pine flatwoods, hammocks, limestone glade margins.Sw. GA and se. AL south to FL Panhandle and nw. peninsular FL, west to s. MS.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox glaberrimaSmooth PhloxWet forests and woodlands, especially bottomlands.MD, OH, IN, IL, WI, and MO south to Panhandle FL, LA, and OK.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox ovataMountain Phlox, Appalachian Phlox, Allegheny PhloxMoist forests, woodlands, woodland borders, and barrens.PA to NC and ne. TN in the Appalachians; disjunct in OH and INimage of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox lighthipeiLighthipe's PhloxLongleaf pine sandhills, other dry to moist sandy soils.S. SC south to n. FL, west to s. AL.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox maculata ssp. maculataNorthern Meadow PhloxMoist forests and openings.S. QC west to MN, south to c. NC, KY, and IA.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox maculata ssp. pyramidalisLeafy Meadow PhloxMoist forests and openings.PA, OH, s. IN, and se. MO, south to NC, n. GA, and TN.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox nivalis ssp. hentziiTrailing PhloxRock outcrops, thin soils of rocky woodlands, roadbanks.Sc. VA west to n. AL, south to c. peninsular FL and s. AL.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox nivalis ssp. nivalisPineland PhloxLongleaf pine sandhills, other dry woodlands, roadbanks.Nc. NC south to Panhandle FL.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox paniculataGarden PhloxStreambanks, moist forests, woodlands, and woodland borders.S. NY west to IL and MO, south to e. NC, w. SC, n. GA, n. MS, and AR.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox stoloniferaCreeping PhloxMoist forests.PA and s. OH south to w. NC, n. GA, and e. TN, essentially a Southern and Central Appalachian endemic.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox subulataMoss Phlox, Mountain-pinkDry and exposed rock outcrops, rocky flood-scoured riversides, dry woodlands over a wide variety of rocks, shale barrens.NY and OH south to w. NC and TN; escaped or naturalized more widely from horticultural use.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox bifidaTen-point Phlox, Cleft Phlox, Sand Phlox, Starry PhloxCliffs, rock outcrops, dry rocky or sandy sites.MI west to MN, south to c. TN and n. AR.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox pulchraAlabama PhloxRiver banks and bluffs.Endemic to c. AL (Bibb, Jackson, Jefferson, Pike, Shelby, and Walker counties).image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox cuspidataSlender Annual PhloxPrairies and open woodlands.Ne. and nc. OK south to w. LA, e., se., and c. TX.
PolemoniaceaePhlox glabrifloraRio Grande Phlox
PolemoniaceaePhlox nivalis ssp. texensisPineywoods PhloxDry sandy longleaf pine woodlands.Endemic to e. TX.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox pilosa ssp. pilosaDowny PhloxDry to mesic woodlands and forests, roadbanks.PA west to se. ND, south to GA and c. TX.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox pilosa ssp. detonsaGulf Coast PhloxDry woodlands.Panhandle FL west to e. TX.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox pilosa ssp. deamiiDeam’s PhloxDry upland woods and barrens.S. IN south through w. KY to w. TN.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox pilosa ssp. ozarkanaOzark PhloxGlades, savannas, woodlands, disturbed areas.MO and se. KS south through e. OK and AR to n. LA; disjunct east of the Mississippi River from c. TN south to c. GA and c. AL.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox pilosa ssp. pulcherrimaLundell's PhloxLongleaf pine savannas, prairies.E. Tx and perhaps w. LA.
PolemoniaceaePhlox pilosa ssp. fulgidaMeadows, open woodlands.N. IN, WI, MN, and e. ND south to s. IL, c. AR, e. OK.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox oklahomensisPrairie-star Phlox, Oklahoma PhloxPost oak woodlands.S. KS to nc. TX.
PolemoniaceaePhlox pilosa ssp. ripariaPlateau PhloxTalus slopes, gravelly areas.S. OK south to c. and wc. TX.
PolemoniaceaePhlox drummondii var. mcallisteriMcAllister's PhloxPrairies.Sc. OK south to c. TX.
PolemoniaceaePhlox drummondii var. tharpiiTharp's PhloxS. TX.
PolemoniaceaePhlox drummondii var. drummondiiWilcox PhloxEndemic to TX.
PolemoniaceaePhlox pilosa ssp. latisepalaGrasslands and woodlands over limestone.Endemic to Edwards Plateau and vicinity, TX.
PolemoniaceaePhlox roemerianaGoldeye Phlox, Roemer's PhloxRocky limestone slopes, prairies.C. and wc. TX, only slightly extending east into the Cross Timbers.
PolemoniaceaePhlox divaricata var. divaricataEastern Blue PhloxMoist deciduous forests in circumneutral soils.VT and QC west to MI, south to e. NC, GA, SC, GA, c. KY, and w. IN and extreme e. IL.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox divaricata var. laphamiiWestern Blue PhloxRich, moist soils of forests and open woodlands.W. GA, c. TN, wc. KY, w. IN, WI, MN, and se. SD south to FL Panhandle, s. AL, s. MS, s. LA, and se. TX.image of plant
PolemoniaceaePhlox littoralisRio Grande Phlox

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