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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
VerbenaceaePhyla canescensDisturbed areas.Native of South America. Discovered in Mobile, AL by Howard Horne (2014).image of plant
VerbenaceaePhyla cuneifoliaWedgeleaf FrogfruitPlains, low prairies, moist open areas.MO (?), SD, WY, and UT south to LA, TX, NM, AZ, s. CA, and n. Mexico.image of plant
VerbenaceaePhyla fruticosaDiamondleaf FrogfruitOpen, moist areas.N. LA and sc. OK south through se. NM and TX to Mexico, Central America, and n. South America; also s. FL (where probably not native).image of plant
VerbenaceaePhyla lanceolataMarsh Frogfruit, Northern FrogfruitOligohaline tidal marshes, tidal swamps, maritime swamps, dune swales and ponds, other marshes, seasonally exposed shores of rivers, ditches.ON west to SD, south to Panhandle FL, AL, MS, LA, CA, and n. Mexico.image of plant
VerbenaceaePhyla nodifloraCreeping Frogfruit, Capeweed, Turkey-tangle, MatgrassInterdune swales, shell middens, sandy soils of roadsides, lawns, ditches, impoundments, disturbed areas.Pantropical, in North America from se. VA south to s. FL and west to CA, north in the interior to AR, se. MO, and southward into the tropics.image of plant

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