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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PlantaginaceaePlantago aristataBuckhorn Plantain, Largebracted PlantainSandy and other barren soils, disturbed areas, especially dry, barren, exposed soil, such as clay soils denuded by bulldozing.The original distribution obscure; perhaps from OH west to NE, south to Panhandle FL and TX.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago cordataKing-root, Heartleaf PlantainAquatic or semi-aquatic in streambeds with outcrops of slate, limestone, or calcareous clay, and aquatic in tidal estuaries.NY and s. ON west to WI, south to w. VA, c. NC, nw. GA, AL, sc. TN, and MO, very scattered and rare in every state in which it occurs, except MO. P. cordata is not known to be extant in VA, where it formerly occurred in the estuary of the Potomac River and in Smyth County in sw. VA. In NC, P. cordata is apparently limited to two slate-bottomed streams in s. Davidson County.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago coronopusBuckhorn PlantainDisturbed areas, especially on ballast at old ports, and probably only a waif.Native of Eurasia.
PlantaginaceaePlantago elongataPrairie PlantainPrairies, moist or dry, sandy soil, especially over rock.MN west to BC, south to TX, NM, AZ, CA, and Mexico.
PlantaginaceaePlantago floccosaFloccose PlantainDisturbed areas.Native of Mexico. In Escambia County, FL.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago helleriCedar Plantain, Heller's PlantainLimestone outcrops.Nc. and c. TX west to NM, south to Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE).image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago heterophyllaSlender Plantain, Many-seeded Plantain, Small PlantainFields, roadsides, disturbed areas.Se. VA and MO south to Panhandle FL and TX; adventive at scattered sites farther north (at least as far north as NY).image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago hookerianaTallow-weedSandy, gravelly, or rocky areas, dunes, clay flats; eastwards adventive in disturbed areas.Native of sc. North America: e., c. and w. TX south to n. Mexico (CHI, COA, TAM, NLE), scattered eastwards as a waif.
PlantaginaceaePlantago indicaIndian Plantain, Leafy-stemmed Plantain, Sand Plantain, Psyllium, Flaxseed PlantainDisturbed areas.Native of Eurasia.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago lanceolataEnglish Plantain, Rib-grass, Narrowleaf PlantainLawns, roadsides, disturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago majorCommon Plantain, White-Man's-FootLawns, roadsides, disturbed areas.Native of Europe, possibly also native in ne. North America, possibly as far south as the northern part of our area.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago maritima var. juncoidesSeaside Plantain, Goose-tongueSalt marshes.Var. juncoides apparently ranges from Greenland and ne. Canada south to e. VA. Reports of the species in MD are false.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago mediaHoary PlantainDisturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago patagonicaWoolly PlantainSandy, gravelly, and rocky soils, prairies; eastwards on roadsides and in disturbed areas.ON and BC south to w. AR, TX, NM, AZ, CA, Mexico.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago pusillaLittle PlantainRoadsides, disturbed areas.IN, IL, MN, MB, SK, AB, BC south to Panhandle FL, TX, and CA. Belden et al. (2004) discuss the Virginia occurrence, on Fort Pickett Military Reservation, Nottoway County.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago rhodospermaRedseed PlantainRiverbanks, forest openings, disturbed areas.MO, NE, NM, AZ, and s. CA south to w. LA, TX, and Mexico. Reported as ranging east to KY, TN, and GA (Kartesz 2021), probably as adventive from farther west; reports for GA and TN need additional confirmation.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago rugeliiAmerican Plantain, Broad-leaved Plantain, Blackseed Plantain, Rugel’s PlantainRoadsides, lawns, disturbed areas.NB to ND, south to Panhandle FL and e. TX.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago sparsifloraPineland PlantainWet pine savannas over calcareous substrates (coquina limestone), now usually found in moister human-created microhabitats adjacent to these sites, such as fire-plow lines, shallow ditches along roadsides, or mowed powerline rights-of-way.Se. NC south to ne. FL, restricted to the Coastal Plain (reports of this species for VA are in error).image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago uliginosaMany-seeded PlantainSalt marshes, estuarine shores.NJ northwards. A report (as P. major var. intermedia) for Asssateague Island, VA (Accomack County) in Tatnall (1946) is plausible, but the cited specimen has not been relocated.
PlantaginaceaePlantago virginicaVirginia Plantain, Hoary PlantainSaline marshes, thin soils over rock, roadsides, lawns, disturbed areas.MA and NY west to SD, south to s. FL and TX.image of plant
PlantaginaceaePlantago wrightianaWright's PlantainSandy, rocky, or gravelly prairies and open woodlands; eastwards in on roadsides, lawns, disturbed areas.Apparently native of sc. and sw. United States and n. Mexico, but the original distribution somewhat obscure. Now extending east to VA, NC, SC, GA, and FL.image of plant

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