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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OrchidaceaePlatanthera aquilonisBog OrchidBogs and swampy forests.Greenland and Iceland to AK, south to n. NJ, nw. PA, c. OH, IN, IL, IA, NE, NM, UT, ID, and OR.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera blephariglottisSmall White Fringed OrchidSeepages, sandhill-pocosin ecotones.NL (Newfoundland) west to MI and IL, south to GA.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera chapmaniiChapman's Orange-fringed OrchidPine savannas.S. GA and n. FL; e. TX.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera ciliarisYellow Fringed OrchidPine savannas, moist roadbanks, meadows, pastures, bogs, marshes.NH, MI, IL, MO, and OK south to c. peninsular FL and e. TX.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera clavellataSmall Green Wood Orchid, Green Woodland OrchidSeepages, bogs, swamps, other wet places.NL (Newfoundland) and ND south to Panhandle FL and TX.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera conspicuaLarge White Fringed OrchidPine savannas, seepages, longleaf pine sandhill-pocosin ecotones.NC south to c. peninsular FL, west to e. TX.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera cristataCrested Fringed Orchid, Golden Fringed OrchidPine savannas, bogs, moist roadsides.P. cristata is more limited to the Coastal Plain than the related P. ciliaris, ranging from s. MA south to FL and west to e. TX, and also inland in KY, TN, AR, SC, and NC.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera dilatata var. dilatataWhite Northern Bog-orchid, Tall White Bog Orchid, Bog CandlesBogs, marshes, wet meadows, circumneutral to rich fens.NS south to PA, west to Manitoba, south to n. IL; AK south to CA, east to CO; Iceland and Greenland.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera flava var. flavaSouthern Rein Orchid, Southern Gypsy-spikeShaded wet places, such as swampy forests.NJ, IN, IL, MO, and OK, south to c. peninsular FL and e. TX; remarkably disjunct in s. NS, where it occurs associated with other disjuncts from the Southeastern Coastal Plain. Reported for MD (Longbottom, Naczi, & Knapp 2016).image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera flava var. herbiolaTubercled Rein Orchid, Northern Gypsy-spikeBogs, seepages.NS, QC, and MN south to NC, GA, TN, and MO.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera grandifloraLarge Purple Fringed Orchid, Plume-royalBogs, seepages, moist places at high elevations.NL (Newfoundland) and ON south to NJ, OH, and MI, and south in the mountains to w. NC and ne. GAimage of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera hookeriHooker's OrchidRich moist forests.NS and NF west to MB, s to n. NJ, sw. PA, nw. VA (Rockingham County), sc. OH, n. IN, n. IL, and c. IA.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera huronensisTall Green Bog OrchidWet meadows, bogs, and seepy swamps.NL, QC, ON, and AK south to ne. PA, nw. PA, s. MI, s. WI, IA, sw. SD, AZ, UT, and OR.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera integraGolden Fringeless Orchid, Yellow Fringeless OrchidWet pine savannas in the Coastal Plain, bogs in the Mountains and Piedmont.Essentially endemic to the Southeastern Coastal Plain, ranging from s. NJ south to FL and west to se. TX, with disjunct occurrences in TN (Eastern Highland Rim, Cumberland Plateau) and in bogs in the Piedmont and at low elevations of the Blue Ridge of NC. It is apparently now extirpated in the Mountains and Piedmont of NC.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera integrilabiaMonkey-face Orchid, White Fringeless OrchidBogs, red maple-gum swamps, seeps, and streambanks.Endemic to KY, e. TN, sw. VA (Lee County, documentation uncertain), w. NC, nw. SC, n. and wc. GA, n. and c. AL, and n. MS, primarily in the Cumberland Plateau.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera laceraGreen Fringed Orchid, Ragged Fringed Orchid, Ragged OrchidSwamps, bogs, seepages, marshes.NL (Newfoundland) west to MB, south to SC, GA, s. AL, w. LA, and ne. TX.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera leucophaeaPrairie Fringed OrchidDamp calcareous meadows.ME west to NE, south to w. VA, nw. PA, c. OH, c. IN, IL, MO, and OK.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera macrophyllaDinner-plate OrchidMoist forests.NF west to ON, south to PA and MI.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera niveaSnowy Orchid, Bog-spikeWet pine savannas, acid seepages, Catahoula barrens (in e. TX).Essentially a Southeastern Coastal Plain endemic, P. nivea ranges from s. NJ and DE (at least formerly) south to FL and west to e. TX and e. AR; disjunct inland in Coffee County, TN (Eastern Highland Rim) and w. SC (in the uppermost Piedmont in the Blue Ridge Escarpment edge).image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera orbiculataLarge Round-leaved Orchid, Dessert-plate OrchidMoist hardwood forests and seeps, especially over mafic, calcareous, or other more nutrient-rich substrates.NL (Newfoundland) and NL (Labrador) west to AK, south to PA (and in the mountains to NC and TN), OH, IN, MN, SD, and OR.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera peramoenaPurple Fringeless Orchid, Purple Spire Orchid, Pride-of-the-peakBogs, seepages, moist forests, moist meadows.NJ, s. PA, OH, c. IL, and se. MO south to nw. SC, n. GA, n. AL, c. MS, and c. AR.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera praeclaraGreat Plains White Fringed OrchidMesic prairies, on loess or calcareous substrates.MN, MB, and ND south through IA, SD, MO, NE, and e. KS to ne. OK.
OrchidaceaePlatanthera psycodesSmall Purple Fringed Orchid, Butterfly OrchidNorthern hardwood forests, other moist forests, seepages, bogs.NL (Newfoundland) and MB, south to n. GA, TN, and MO.image of plant
OrchidaceaePlatanthera shriveriShriver’s Purple Fringed Orchid, Shriver’s Frilly OrchidSeepages, northern hardwoods forests, roadbanks.Sw. PA south through w. MD, e WV, and w. VA to nw. NC. First reported for MD by Knapp et al. (2011).image of plant

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