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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
OrchidaceaeProsthechea boothiana var. erythronioidesFlorida Dollar OrchidEpiphytic in tropical hammocks, buttonwood woodlands, and mangroves.S. FL; Bahamas.image of plant
OrchidaceaeProsthechea cochleata var. triandraFlorida Clamshell OrchidEpiphytic on trees in swamps, tropical hammocks, and mangroves.Endemic to FL. Var. cochleata is more widespread, occurring in the West Indies, Mexico, Central America, and n. South America.image of plant
OrchidaceaeProsthechea pygmaeaDwarf Butterfly OrchidEpiphytic in sloughs typically on bark of Annona glabra and sometimes Fraxinus cubensis.S. FL (Collier County [rare]); West Indies; Mexico, Central America, and South America.image of plant

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