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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ResedaceaeReseda albaWhite MignonetteDisturbed areas.Native of the Mediterranean region. Naturalized in ne. North America, south to DE and se. PA (Rhoads & Block 2007).image of plant
ResedaceaeReseda luteaYellow Mignonette, Wild Mignonette, Cutleaf MignonetteDisturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
ResedaceaeReseda luteolaWeld, Dyer's Rocket, Yellow-weedDisturbed areas, formerly cultivated as a dye plant.Native of Eurasia. Reported from se. and sc. PA (Rhoads & Block 2007) and elsewhere, mainly north of our region.image of plant
ResedaceaeReseda odorataGarden MignonetteGardens, garden borders, and disturbed areas, doubtfully established.Native of Mediterranean Europe. Reported for scattered locations in eastern North America (Kartesz 1999).image of plant
ResedaceaeReseda phyteumaCorn MignonetteDisturbed areas.Native of Europe. Reported from se. PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993)image of plant

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