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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
GrossulariaceaeRibes americanumAmerican Black CurrantBottomland forests, other moist forests, marl marshes.NS west to AB, south to w. VA, WV, e. and nc. KY (Clark et al. 2005), ne. TN, IN, NE, and NM. Minney & Landsman (2018) reported the rediscovery of the species in MD.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes aureum var. villosumBuffalo Currant, Golden CurrantCalcareous bluffs and glades, also disturbed areas, meadows.MA, ON, MN, ND, and MT south to MD, TN, AR, TX, and NM; the original eastward extent unclear because of occasional cultivation and naturalization. It is reported as occurring as a native species as far east as Montgomery County in nc. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997).image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes curvatumGranite GooseberryRocky upland and riparian forests and woodlands, bluffs, glade margins; in TX in blackland prairie margins, moist forests over limestone, dry sandy woodlands.E. TN, AR, and OK south to GA, AL, LA, and TX. Also reported for NC by Sinnott (1985); the specimens came from cultivated plants in a botanist’s garden, so there is no evidence that R. curvatum is a native or naturalized component of NC’s flora.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes cynosbatiPrickly Gooseberry, DogberryMoist slopes, periglacial boulderfields, talus, grassy balds, especially at medium to high elevations.NB, ON, MN, and ND south to w. NC, e. TN, n. GA, n. AL, AR, and OK.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes echinellumMiccosukee GooseberryMesic, nutrient-rich forests.This species has a remarkable range, known only from a small area of McCormick County, SC and the vicinity of Lake Miccosukee, Jefferson and Gadsden Counties, FL.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes glandulosumSkunk Currant, Mountain CurrantPeriglacial boulderfields, high elevation seeps, spruce-fir forests.NL (Newfoundland) west to AK, south to VT, MI, MN, and BC, and in the Appalachians south to w. NC and e. TN.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes hirtellumNorthern GooseberryRocky forests.NL (Newfoundland) west to AB, south to WV (Tucker County), n. NJ, s. PA, OH, IN, IL, IA, and NE.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes lacustreBristly Black Currant, Spiny Swamp CurrantForests, acid swamps.NL (Labrador) to AK, south to MA, PA, w. VA, TN (allegedly), n. OH, MI, MN, SD, CO, UT, and CA.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes missourienseMissouri GooseberryDry to mesic upland forests and woodlands, riparian forests, stream banks, bluffs, old fields, fencerows.W. WV, sw. OH, IN, WI, MN, and e. ND south to KY, e. TN (Roane and Grainger counties), s. IL, MO, n. AR, and KS, with scattered occurrences (perhaps escapes from cultivation) eastwards in CT, NJ, PA, MD, VA, and WV.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes nigrumGarden Black Currant, CassisCultivated in gardens, perhaps escaping.Native of Europe; cultivated in ne. United States, rarely as far south as our area (in MD and NJ according to FNA); it may escape.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes oxyacanthoides var. oxyacanthoidesNorthern GooseberryDry to moist forests and woodlands.NS west to AK, south to QC, ON, MI, WI, MN, SD, WY, and BC.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes rotundifoliumAppalachian GooseberryMoist slopes, balds, boulderfields, rocky forests, seepage swamps, shrub balds, mostly at high elevations south of VA.An Appalachian endemic: MA, CO, and NY south to w. NC and e. TN. Reports from Oconee County, SC are based on cultivated material.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes rubrumGarden Red CurrantPersistent from cultivation and escaped to adjacent fence-rows and disturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes tristeSwamp Red Currant, Wild Red CurrantBoggy forests, seepage wetlands.NL (Labrador) west to AK, south to MD, WV (Mineral, Pocahontas, and Randolph counties), OH, MN, SD, MT, ID, and OR.image of plant
GrossulariaceaeRibes uva-crispaGarden Gooseberry, European GooseberryFencerows, disturbed areas.Native of Europe. Cultivated in ne. United States.image of plant

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