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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
RosaceaeRubus ablatusimage of plant
RosaceaeRubus aboriginumForests, woodlands, open areas, disturbed areas.PA and IA, south to SC, AL, LA, and TX.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus allegheniensis var. allegheniensisAllegheny BlackberryForests, woodlands, grassy balds.NS west to MN, south to w. NC, n. GA, and e. TN.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus allegheniensis var. gravesiiAllegheny BlackberryForests, woodlands, grassy balds.ME, NY, and WI south to w. VA and WV.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus alumnusOldfield BlackberryMA to MN, south to VA, w. NC, and sw. MO.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus argutusSawtooth BlackberryThickets, disturbed areas.NJ to MO, south to FL and TX.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus bifronsEuropean BlackberryDisturbed areas, roadsides, thickets, old fields.Native of Europe.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus caesiusEuropean DewberryDisturbed areas.Native of Europe. Reported for KY (FNA 2014; Kartesz 2010)
RosaceaeRubus canadensisSmooth Blackberry, Thornless BlackberryForests, woodlands, grassy balds, especially common at high elevations.NL (Newfoundland) west to MN, south (primarily in the Appalachians) to w. NC, e. TN, and n. GA.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus celerUpland prairies, pastures, fencerows, roadsides, disturbed areas.NS to WI, south to VA, AL, and s. MO.
RosaceaeRubus cuneifoliusSand BlackberryWoodlands, forests, disturbed areas.CT and NY (Long Island) south to s. FL and AL, MS, and se. LA, primarily on the Coastal Plain.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus curtipesShortstalk DewberryThickets.MA to WI, south to VA and s. MO.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus deamiiDeam's DewberryPA to MO, south to VA and TN.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus ensleniiMA to sw. ON and IA, south to FL, MS, and Hays Co., TX.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus flagellarisCommon DewberryOld fields, woodlands, roadsides, disturbed areas.NS west to MN, south to GA and LA.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus frondosusYankee BlackberryOld fields, fencerows.ME and MN south to NC, SC, TN, AR, and OK.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus heterophyllusPleatleaf DewberryTypically occurs on poor, well-drained soils, both sands and gravels.NS to MN, south to w. VA (Roanoke Co.), WV, and IAimage of plant
RosaceaeRubus hirsutusSikkim RaspberrySuburban woodland.Native of China, Japan, and Korea. Naturalized in Battle Park, Chapel Hill, NC (Orange County); identification confirmed by D. Goldman (pers. comm., 2013).image of plant
RosaceaeRubus hispidusSwamp Dewberry, Bristly DewberryBogs, moist woodlands and forests, disturbed moist areas.NS and QC west to WI, south to n. SC, n. and wc. GA (Carter, Baker, & Morris 2009), and MO.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus idaeusEurasian Red RaspberryDisturbed areas, commonly cultivated in the cooler portions of our area, rarely escaped or persistent.Native of Eurasia.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus illecebrosusStrawberry-raspberryDisturbed areas.Native of Japan.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus invisusMA, NY, and IN south to sc. NC, ne. GA, and c. TN; apparently disjunct in s. MO.
RosaceaeRubus laciniatusCut-leaved Blackberry, Evergreen BlackberryDisturbed areas, thickets.Native of Europe.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus laudatusNY to s. IA and KS, south to VA and TX.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus meracusDryslope DewberryNJ, s. MI, IA, and KS south to WV, KY, and OK.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus missouricusMissouri DewberryMI to MN, south to WV and sw. MO.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus molliorSoftleaf BlackberryNearly an Ozark endemic: MO, e. KS, OK, and n. AR.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus occidentalisBlack Raspberry, BlackcapRoadsides, woodlands, thickets, disturbed areas.QC to ND and e. CO, south to n. GA, c. AL, n. MS, AR, and c. OK.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus orarius
RosaceaeRubus parvifoliusJapanese Raspberry, Australian RaspberryDisturbed areas, invasive in the Piedmont of Delaware.Native of e. Asia.
RosaceaeRubus pascuusTopsy Blackberry, Chesapeake BlackberryDisturbed areas, thickets.Native of Europe.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus pensilvanicusPennsylvania Blackberry, Eastern BlackberryRoadsides, thickets, woodlands.ME west to MN, south to FL and TX. Map needs disentangling from Rubus argutus.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus phoenicolasiusWineberry, Wine RaspberryMoist forests, roadsides, thickets.Native of e. Asia. This plant is a serious invasive species in moist forests of the cooler portions of our region.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus pubescensDwarf Raspberry, Plumboy, CatharinettesBogs, fens, swamps.NL (Labrador) to YT, south to e. WV and s. PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993; Rhoads & Block 2007), IN, CO, and WA.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus recurvicaulisME, VT, and NY south to PA.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus roribaccusNJ to NE, south to sw. VA and ne. OKimage of plant
RosaceaeRubus rosaRose BlackberryFields, thickets, old pastures.NB to MN, south to NY, WV, and e. KS.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus satisPQ to MN, south to w. MD, KY, and MO.
RosaceaeRubus serratusBottomland DewberryCT to s. IA, south to GA, TN, and s. MO.
RosaceaeRubus setosusBristly BlackberryThickets.QC west to MN, south to VA (?) and IL.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus steeleiSteele's DewberryNH to ON and MN, south to GA, AL, and s. MO, evidently disjunct in nc. TX.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus strigosus var. strigosusAmerican Red RaspberryHigh elevation forests and thickets, adelgid-killed spruce-fir forests, northwards at lower elevations and more general in habitat.NL (Newfoundland) west to AK, south to PA, IN, IA, and AZ; disjunct farther south in nw. VA and ne. WV, and in w. NC and e. TN.image of plant
RosaceaeRubus trivialisSouthern Dewberry, Coastal Plain DewberryRoadsides, old fields, thickets, disturbed areas.E. MD south to s. FL, west to TX, north in the interior to MO and se. KS.image of plant

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