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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CaryophyllaceaeSabulina diffusaCalcareous ledges and glades.E. and c. KY, sw. VA, and e. and c. TN; also s. MO.
CaryophyllaceaeSabulina fontinalisSeepage Starwort, Water StarwortSeepages and wet cliffs, disturbed areas, over calcareous substrate, growing from moss mats; rarely in lawns.C. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997) and c. KY; disjunct in the Black Belt of AL (B. Keener, pers. comm., 2023).image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeSabulina michauxiiRock SandwortLimestone, dolostone, calcareous sandstone, serpentine, and calcareous shale outcrops and barrens.ME west to SD, south to VA, AL, nw. AR, TX, and NM.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeSabulina muscorumLime-barren SandwortRocky barrens of calcareous or mafic rocks, sandy barrens.MO, e. KS, e. OK, and e. TX.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeSabulina paludicolaGodfrey's SandwortTidal freshwater marshes, calcareous seeps, other wetlands.Peculiarly and irregularly distributed, with isolated and scattered locations in the Coastal Plain and Mountains: wc. VA, ne. TN, e. NC, ne. SC, e. Panhandle FL, n. peninsular FL, and wc. AL. The c. TN material is likely not the same as S. paludicola. Reports from s. AR were misidentified.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeSabulina patulaLime-barren SandwortRocky barrens of calcareous or mafic rocks.Ec. PA and w. VA west to IN and MN, south to AL and TX.image of plant

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