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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ChenopodiaceaeSalicornia ambiguaWoody Glasswort, Perennial Glasswort, Guinea-bead, Wild CoralCoastal salt marshes, primarily in salt pannes.NH south to FL, west to TX (at least); south through the West Indies to n. South America.image of plant
ChenopodiaceaeSalicornia bigeloviiDwarf Glasswort, Dwarf SaltwortSalt pannes in coastal marshes.ME (NS?) south to FL, west to TX and Mexico; West Indies; also CA.image of plant
ChenopodiaceaeSalicornia rubraRed SaltwortDisturbed saline habitats (as along salted highways).MN west to YT, south to KS, NM, and CA.
ChenopodiaceaeSalicornia virginicaSamphireSalt pannes in coastal marshes.NS and QC south to GA.image of plant

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