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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
SapindaceaeSapindus marginatusFlorida SoapberryCoastal marsh hammocks, shell middens.Se. SC and e. GA south to c. peninsular FL (Lee and Brevard counties), and on the Gulf Coast in s. MS.
SapindaceaeSapindus saponaria var. drummondiiWestern Soapberry, JaboncilloDry to mesic upland forests and woodlands, bluffs, glade margins, stream banks, hardwood flatwoods, bottomland forests; often associated with larger rivers.MO, KS, se. CO and NM south to e. LA, TX, AZ, and n. Mexico.image of plant
SapindaceaeSapindus saponaria var. saponariaTropical Soapberry, Southern SoapberryHammocks.Peninsular FL; West Indies; tropical America.