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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia alabamensis ssp. alabamensisAlabama Pitcherplant, Alabama Canebrake PitcherplantSeepage bogs.Endemic to c. AL (Autauga, Chilton, and Elmore counties)image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia alabamensis ssp. wherryiWherry's PitcherplantSeepage bogs and pine savannas.FL Panhandle, s. AL, and s. MS.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia alataPale PitcherplantPine savannas, seepage bogs.S. AL west to e. TX.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia flavaYellow Pitcherplant, Trumpets, Trumpet-leaf, Trumpet-flower, Side Saddle FlowerPine savannas, seepage bogs, pocosins. In the remote centers of peat domes and large peat-filled Carolina bays in NC, Sarracenia flava is sometimes very abundant, occasionally the dominant plant over areas exceeding several square kilometers.Se. VA south to n. FL and west to s. AL and se. MS.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia jonesiiMountain Sweet PitcherplantBogs, cataract seeps over acidic bedrock.Endemic to a small area in sw. NC and nw. SC (low elevation Blue Ridge and adjacent uppermost Piedmont).image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia leucophyllaWhitetop Pitcherplant, Crimson PitcherplantWet pine savannas.Sw. GA, w. FL, s. AL, and se. MS, a Gulf Coastal Plain endemic; introduced in eastern NC (and likely to be found elsewhere outside its natural range). Sometimes planted in natural areas by carnivorous plant enthusiasts outside of its natural range, such as in the Coastal Plain of NC, where it has been seen in at least 3 localities. The NC population on Croatan National Forest, Carteret Co. was apparently introduced in the 1980s; it is not known whether this species will spread in NC, but it is still persisting (as of 2015) and has been independently "discovered" several times.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia minor var. minorHooded PitcherplantWet pine savannas.Se. NC south through SC and GA to c. peninsular and e. Panhandle FL.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia minor var. okefenokeensisOkeefenokee Hooded PitcherplantOn floating vegetation mats, ditches, and other very wet sites.Endemic to Okeefenokee Swamp, se. GA. Deliberately introduced several decades ago in se. NC and persistent there.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia oreophilaGreen PitcherplantSeepage bogs, sandy shores of shallow streams.A montane-piedmontane sibling of S. flava, known from sw. NC, se. TN (where presumed extirpated from the state), n. GA, and c. and ne. AL (Govus 1987, Wherry 1933, Schnell 1980b, Dennis 1980, Catalani 2004).image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia psittacinaParrot PitcherplantSavannas, less commonly on floating peat mats.This distinctive species is distributed primarily in the East Gulf Coastal Plain, but ranges east to the Atlantic Coastal Plain of e. GA (Bullock County), in close proximity to the SC border.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia purpurea var. montanaSouthern Appalachian Purple PitcherplantMountain bogs, seepage bogs, cataract bogs.Var. montana is restricted to a few dozen populations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of sw. NC (south of Asheville), nw. SC, and ne. GA (Rabun County) and the adjacent Piedmont of w. NC (Iredell and Alexander counties) and nw. SC.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia purpurea var. purpureaNorthern Purple PitcherplantBogs.The species as a whole is widespread in e. North America, the only Sarracenia to extend north of se. VA. Var. purpurea ranges from NL (Labrador) to NT and BC, south to NJ, DE, e. MD, w. MD (where not native), ne. VA, e. WV (where not native), OH, IN, IL, MN, and WA.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia purpurea var. venosaSouthern Purple Pitcherplant, Frog's BritchesWet pine savannas, sandhill seepage bogs, hillside seepage bogs.Var. venosa is restricted to the Atlantic Coastal Plain of the se. United States, ranging from se. VA south to se. SC and e. GA; perhaps disjunct in e. LA. See MacRoberts & MacRoberts (2004) for a detailed discussion about old LA collections of S. purpurea or S. rosea.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia roseaRose PitcherplantWet pine savannas and seepage bogs.Sw. GA and Panhandle FL west to s. MS and (?) e. LA.image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia rubra ssp. gulfensisGulf PitcherplantSeepage bogs and wet pine savannas.Panhandle FL and s. AL (Covington County) (W. Barger, pers.comm., 2023).image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia rubra ssp. rubraCarolina Sweet Pitcherplant, Carolina Redflower PitcherplantSandhill seepage bogs, pocosins, wet savannas.Se. and sc. NC south to e. GA (southeast of the Fall-line Sandhills).image of plant
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia rubra ssp. viatorumGeorgia Sweet Pitcherplant, Georgia Redflower PitcherplantSeepage bogs, especially in the fall-line Sandhills, and often associated with Chamaecyparis thyoides.C. SC (Lexington Co.) south to wc. GA and sw. GA, primarily in the fall-line Sandhills.image of plant

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