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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CrassulaceaeSedum acreWallpepper, Mossy Stonecrop, Golden Carpet, Gold-moss, Bitter StonecropRock outcrops, gravel parking lots, disturbed areas, commonly cultivated.Native of Europe.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum albumWhite StonecropDisturbed areas.Native of Eurasia. Introduced and naturalized as far south as se. PA and WV.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum glaucophyllumCliff StonecropRock outcrops, usually basic and/or sedimentary.Endemic to the Central and Southern Appalachians (extending into the Piedmont), known from MD, WV, VA, and NC (reports for GA are based on confusion with S. nevii).image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum lineareNeedle StonecropMargin of granitic flatrock.Native of e. Asia. Duncan (1985) discusses the establishment of this species in Columbia County, GA.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum mexicanumMexican StonecropDry, disturbed areas.Native of Mexico or perhaps e. Asia.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum neviiNevius's StonecropGneiss and phyllite rock outcrops on river bluffs.Endemic to se. TN (Polk County, just west of Cherokee County, NC) (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997), nc. and ec. AL, and wc. GA (where it occurs on gneiss outcrops along the Chattahoochee River in Muscogee and Harris counties), and reported for s. WV (Greenbrier County) by Harmon, Ford-Werntz, & Grafton (2006).image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum pulchellumWidow’s-cross, Bluff MossCalcareous rock outcrops.E. TN (Monroe, Knox, and Bradley counties) (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997) and nw. GA (Jones & Coile 1988) west to KS, OK, and TX.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum pusillumPuck's OrpineIn very thin soil (generally less than of vernally wet depressions on granite flatrocks, often in mats of the moss Hedwigia ciliata.Endemic to granite flatrocks of the southeastern Piedmont, from sc. NC south to wc. GA.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum sarmentosumStringy Stonecrop, Gold Moss Stonecrop, Graveyard-mossXeric rock outcrops, stone walls, disturbed areas.Native of China.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum ternatumMountain Stonecrop, Whorled StonecropMoist forests, coves, bottomlands, shaded rock outcrops.NJ west to MI and IA, south to nw. GA, c. AL, and sw. AR.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum nuttalliiNuttall's Stonecrop, Yellow StonecropSandstone and chert glades, also limestone outcrops (in TX).Sw. MO and se. KS south through AR and OK to nw. LA and TX.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum emarginatumEmarginate StonecropDisturbed areas.Native of e. Asia.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum hispanicumSpanish StonecropDisturbed areas.Native of the eastern Mediterranean, mainly in w. Asia.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum sexangulareTasteless StonecropWaif from horticultural use.Native of Europe and w. Asia.image of plant
CrassulaceaeSedum diffusumGranite flatrocks, cemetery lawns.Native of Mexico. Discovered naturalized on a granite flatrock in ec. AL (N. Yawn, pers.comm. 2021), and in a cemetery lawn in the Coastal Plain of Pike County, AL (Diamond & Keener 2021).

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