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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AizoaceaeSesuvium crithmoidesTropical Sea-PurslaneDisturbed area, presumably a waif.Native of Africa (Angola). Reported for GA by Small (1933) and Boetsch (2002) based on collections in Brunswick, GA in 1902 by Roland Harper.image of plant
AizoaceaeSesuvium humifusumPanalPineland depression marshes, disturbed wet areas.Reputedly native of West Indies.
AizoaceaeSesuvium maritimumSmall Sea-Purslane, Slender Sea-PurslaneIsland end flats and sea beaches, salt flats; less typically inland (AL, LA) in saline marshes or seeps (associated with salt domes).NY south to s. FL, west to TX, south to Mexico (TAM, VER); West Indies.image of plant
AizoaceaeSesuvium portulacastrumLarge Sea-Purslane, Shoreline Sea-PurslaneIsland end sand flats and sea beaches; less typically inland (LA) in saline marshes or seeps (associated with salt domes).A pantropical coastal species, in North America from e. NC south to s. FL, west to e. TX; also in the West Indies and south into the tropics (introduced on ballast in se. PA). Essentially cosmopolitan on tropical and subtropical shores.image of plant
AizoaceaeSesuvium trianthemoidesTexas Sea-PurslaneWet depressions in sand dunes.Endemic to coastal s. TX (Kenedy County), where not recently seen (only known from the type collection, 1947).
AizoaceaeSesuvium verrucosumWestern Sea-PurslaneSalt flats, beaches, saline marshes.S. MS west through TX to CA, south to s. Mexico.image of plant

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