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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeSolidago aestivalisPeat-loving GoldenrodSandhill seeps, mountain bogs, other saturated and sphagnous habitats.NS and ME south to NC; reports from SC are based on misidentifications.
AsteraceaeSolidago albopilosaRockhouse Goldenrod, Cave GoldenrodSandstone rockhouses.In the Red River Gorge of e. KY (Menifee, Powell, and Wolfe counties).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago altiplanitiesHigh Plains GoldenrodPrairies.C. OK and ne. NM south to Panhandle TX.
AsteraceaeSolidago altissima var. altissimaTall GoldenrodFields, roadsides, disturbed areas.NS, QC, and SK south to n. GA, n. AL, n. MS, AR, and e. OK; introduced in w. North America.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago altissima var. gilvocanescensGreat Plains Tall GoldenrodStream margins, open areas.IN, IL, WI, MN, sw. ON, MB, SK, AB, BC south to IN, sc. IL, c. MO, OK, nc. TX, ne. NM.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago altissima var. pluricephalaSouthern Tall GoldenrodFields, roadsides, disturbed areas.Se. VA, NC, TN, AR, and OK south to c. peninsular FL, s. TX, and adjacent Mexico.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago arenicolaBlack Warrior GoldenrodRiverside scour areas.Known from Blount County, AL (Black Warrior River), on rivers in the Cumberland Plateau of TN and KY (notably Big South Fork of the Cumberland River), and on Rocky Creek (Walker County), GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago argutaForest GoldenrodWoodlands, woodland borders, bluffs, sloped forests, road margins or cut-over woods.S. ME and s. ON south to NC and TN; disjunct in s. OL, MO, and (?) AR.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago auriculataEared GoldenrodRocky forests over circumneutral rocks, bottomland forests, calcareous hammocks.Wc. SC, sc. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997), AR, and se. OK south to GA, c. Panhandle FL, AL, MS, LA, and e. TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago austrinaPiedmont Wand GoldenrodPiedmont prairie remnants, openings in xeric hardpan forests, upland depressions, clay roadbanks and powerline rights-of-way, post oak savannas, and open oak-hickory woodlands.Sc. NC south to GA, Panhandle FL, and nw. AL, extending (as here interpreted) into TN and KY.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago austrocarolinianaSouth Carolina GoldenrodMoist clay soils.Known only from the type collection, in the upper Piedmont of SC.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago ayuhwasiHiwassee GoldenrodRocky river-scour.Endemic to a 5-mile stretch of the Hiwassee River in Polk County, TN.
AsteraceaeSolidago bicolorSilverrod, White GoldenrodWoodlands, roadbanks, pastures.NS and MB south to GA and MS.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago boottiiBoott’s GoldenrodDry open woodlands, dry slopes, often in sandy or rocky soils.C. SC south to s. AL, west to LA, AR, and s. MO, most common in the Ozarks. Reported for n. WV by Harmon, Ford-Werntz, & Grafton (2006), but it seems likely that this is based on different interpretations of the taxa.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago brachyphyllaDixie GoldenrodOpen woodlands, bluff forests.SC south to ne. FL and Panhandle FL, west to s. AL (s. MS?). A report from NC is based on a misidentified specimen.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago buckleyiBuckley’s GoldenrodForests, open ridgetop and bluff woodlands.W. KY, s. IN, s. IL, s. MO and n. AR; perhaps southeastwards in GA and AL (these occurrences controversial as to identification).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago caesiaAxillary GoldenrodMoist forested slopes.ME and ON south to n. FL and LA.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago canadensis var. canadensisNorthern Common GoldenrodOld fields, pastures, roadsides.NL (Newfoundland) west to MN, south to VA, OH, and IL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago canadensis var. hargeriHarger’s Common GoldenrodOld fields, pastures, roadsides.VT and NH west to MN, south to VA, NC, TN, OH, IL, and IA. First reported for NC by Poindexter & Murrell (2008) and for TN by Morton (2017). Likely much more common than assumed, but misrepresented due to taxonomic confusion with S. altissima.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago canescensPlains Bold GoldenrodUpland prairies.ON and AB south to MO, OK, TX (?), and NM.
AsteraceaeSolidago chapmaniiChapman’s GoldenrodLongleaf pine sandhills, dry, open hammocks, pine rocklands.S. GA south to s. FL and Panhandle FL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago chrysopsisKeys GoldenrodSeepage, boggy sites.S. FL, rarely north to c. FL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago curtisiiCurtis’s GoldenrodMoist forested slopes, and rarely in mafic woodlands in the Piedmont of VA.A Central and Southern Appalachian endemic: WV south to n. GA and n. AL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago decemfloraWestern Gray GoldenrodPrairies.MI west to BC, south to AR, TX, NM, and MT.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago delicatulaSmooth Elmleaf GoldenrodBottomlands, woodland openings.Se. KS, OK, and AR south to TX and w. LA; disjunct eastward in AL and Panhandle FL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago discoideaBrintonia, Rayless Mock-goldenrodRich bluff forests.Sw. GA and Panhandle FL west to w. LA.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago dispersaLouisiana GoldenrodLongleaf pine woodlands, other dry woodlands and barrens, disturbed areas, especially in sandy soils.AR and OK south to s. LA and e. TX.
AsteraceaeSolidago drummondiiDrummond's GoldenrodCalcareous bluffs and ledges.S. and w. IL, MO, south to n. AR. A midwestern endemic.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago erectaSlender GoldenrodWoodlands, old fields, woodland borders, grassy balds.NY and CT south to GA, AL, and MS.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago faucibusGorge GoldenrodMoist forests.S. WV south to sw. VA, se. KY, and ne. TN; disjunct in nw. SC.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago fistulosaHairy Pineywoods GoldenrodPocosins, swamp forests, wet pine savannas, wet pine flatwoods, maritime forests.NJ south to s. FL, west to LA.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago flaccidifoliaAppalachian GoldenrodForests.VA and KY south to GA and ne. AL; disjunct in nc. MS.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago flexicaulisZigzag Goldenrod, Broad-leaved GoldenrodMoist wooded slopes, especially over calcareous or mafic rocks.NS, ON, and ND south to GA, AL, and KS.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago gattingeriGattinger’s GoldenrodCalcareous glades, calcareous upland prairies.MO and n. AR; disjunct eastwards in c. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago giganteaSmooth GoldenrodOld fields, roadsides, streamside meadows, bottomlands.NS west to SK and MT, south to Panhandle FL (Liberty County), TX, and CO.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago glomerataSkunk GoldenrodHigh elevation situations, including grassy balds, rock outcrops, heath balds, northern hardwood forests, and spruce-fir forests.A narrow Southern Appalachian endemic, restricted to w. NC and e. TN (perhaps reaching its northern limit on Elk Knob, Watauga County, NC)image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago gracillimaSouthern Bog Goldenrod, Graceful GoldenrodWet pine savannas, seepage bogs.E. NC south to c. Panhandle FL, west to s. AL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago harrisiiShale-barren GoldenrodLimestone, dolostone, greenstone, shale, and calcareous siltstone woodlands, barrens, and cliffs.A Central Appalachian endemic: sc. PA south to e. WV and w. VA.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago hispida var. hispidaHairy GoldenrodDry rocky forests and woodland edges.NL (Labrador) west to SK, south to nw. GA, AL, AR, IA, and SD. Widespread in e. and c. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997) and in nw. GA (Jones & Coile 1988). Also reported for NC and SC by Kartesz (1999, 2010). Our variety is the typic; other varieties are more northern, around the Great Lakes and in maritime Canada.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago jacksoniiSoutheastern Bold GoldenrodGlades, barrens, and prairie-like areas, over mafic (such as diabase) or calcareous (such as calcareous shale) rocks, and in adjacent disturbed areas, such as roadbanks and powerline rights-of-way.Sc. VA, se. TN, sc. OH, and e. MO south to c. SC, sw. GA, s. AL, MS, and e. TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago juliaeJulia's GoldenrodStreambanks.C. and w. TX, south and southwest into COA and CHH; disjunct in nc. TX (Somervell County) (A. Campos, pers.comm. 2023).
AsteraceaeSolidago junceaEarly GoldenrodMeadows, pastures, roadbanks, woodland borders.NS west to MN, south to GA, AL, MS, and n. LA.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago kraliiKral's GoldenrodLongleaf pine sandhills.SC south to GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago lancifoliaLanceleaf GoldenrodGrassy balds, openings in spruce-fir and northern hardwoods forests, at high elevations.Sw. VA south to w. NC and e. TN.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago latissimifoliaCoastal Swamp GoldenrodPocosins, swamp forests, sandhill seepages, sandhill-pocosin ecotones.NS south c. peninsular FL, west to Panhandle FL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago leavenworthiiLeavenworth's GoldenrodWet pine savannas, wet pine flatwoods, pondcypress savannas, pond margins, marshes, also in a wide variety of other wet and dry habitats, including disturbed areas in pine flatwoods.Se. NC south to s. FL, west to s. AL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago mexicanaSouthern Seaside GoldenrodCoastal dunes, dune slacks, maritime wet grasslands, tidal marshes.E. MA south to s. FL, west and south to TX and Mexico (TAB, TAM, VER); West Indies.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago missouriensis var. fasciculataEastern Missouri GoldenrodPrairies, barrens, woodlands, barrens, "Coosa prairies".MI, w. ON, and s. AB, south to se. TN, nw. GA, MS, AR, se. TX, Mexico (COA, NLE, TAM). In nw. GA (T. Govus, pers.comm. 2009); in c. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago mollisVelvet GoldenrodSandy prairies, fencerows.MN, SK, AB, and BC south to c. OK, c. TX, and NM.
AsteraceaeSolidago nemoralisEastern Gray GoldenrodWoodlands, glades, barrens, roadbanks.NS west to ND, south to Panhandle FL and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago nitidaShiny GoldenrodPine savannas, sandy prairies.MS west to s. AR, se. OK, and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago odoraLicorice GoldenrodDry forests and woodlands, especially in dry pinelands, such as sandhills, of the Coastal Plain, inland in dry, fire-maintained sites, such as glades, barrens, and ridgetop pine-oak woodlands.NH, VT, NY, OH, and MO south to FL and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago ohioensisOhio GoldenrodFens, wet prairies, calcareous swamps, and other wet to moist calcareous sites.NY, ON, and se. WI south to sc. OH, s. IN, and nc. IL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago ouachitensisOuachita GoldenrodForests on N-facing slopes.Ouachita Mountains of w. AR and e. OK.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago pallescensPiedmont Pale GoldenrodDry hillsides.Ec. AL and wc. GA.
AsteraceaeSolidago patulaNorthern Roughleaf GoldenrodBogs, seepages over mafic rocks, grassy balds (as Whitetop Mountain).NH, VT, NY, s. ON, MI and WI south to w. VA, w. NC, nc. GA, c. TN, w. TN, and se. MO. Coastal Plain records (except northwards, in DE, NJ, and NY) represent misidentifications of S. salicina.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago petiolaris var. angustaUpland forests and woodlands.S. IL, MO, and e. KS south to LA and c. TX. Reports from MS and e. LA appear to be based on S. petiolaris var. petiolaris.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago petiolaris var. petiolarisDowny GoldenrodUpland forests and woodlands.NC, SC, GA, AL, and MS south to n. FL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago petiolaris var. wardiiUpland forests and woodlands.S. NE and se. CO south to AR, TX, and ne. NM.
AsteraceaeSolidago pinetorumPineywoods GoldenrodDry woodlands, woodland borders, roadbanks, dry pinelands.N. and wc. VA south through e., c., and nw. NC to nc. SC.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago plumosaYadkin River GoldenrodIn crevices of outcrops in rocky, flood-scoured riverbanks.Known only from the type locality, the gorge of the Yadkin River in c. NCimage of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago porteriPorter's GoldenrodOak savannas, barrens, woodland edges (roadsides).Piedmont of GA; Interior Low Plateau of c. TN and n. AL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago ptarmicoidesWhite Prairie-goldenrod, Upland White AsterPrairie-like barrens over mafic, ultramafic, or calcareous rock, serpentine woodlands, prairies.VT and NY west to SK, south to e. TN (Rhea and Roane counties in the Ridge and Valley) (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997), nw. GA (Floyd County), AR, and CO; disjunct in nc. NC (Granville County, and historically in Rowan County [Small & Heller 1892]) and nc. SC (York County).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago puberulaDowny GoldenrodBogs, wet meadows, and wet pastures, in dry acid soils in VA and WV.NS west to ON, south to GA, nw. AL, and TN.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago pulchraBeautiful Goldenrod, Carolina GoldenrodWet pine savannas, seepage bogs.Endemic to a small part of the Coastal Plain of se. NC and adjacent ne. SC, where locally common in remaining wet savannas.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago pulverulentaPine savannas, streamhead pocosins, flatwoods, swamps, seepages in pinelands, and disturbed areas.Se. VA south to Panhandle FL, west to s. AL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago racemosaSticky GoldenrodRocky, flood-scoured riversides.ME and QC south to n. VA and WV; plants in the Cumberland Plateau of KY and ne. TN (Churchill & Schell 1992; Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997) previously attributed to S. racemosa appear to be a mix of true S. racemosa and a population perhaps best considered either as a disjunct and somewhat morphologically disparate part of the newly named S. arenicola or as a new taxon (Floden 2012).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago radulaRough GoldenrodCalcareous prairies, dry woodlands, bluffs, glades, and barrens over mafic or calcareous rocks.IL west to KS, south to LA and TX; disjunct eastward in KY, NC, SC, GA, and AL.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago randiiRand's GoldenrodCliffs and barrens, primarily over mafic (such as greenstone and hornblende) or calcareous rocks.NS west to ON and MI, south to w. VA and WV.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago riddelliiRiddell's GoldenrodWet, calcareous prairies, fens, calcareous swamps, calcareous seeps.ON and MB south to OH, IN, IL, n. AR, and KS; disjunct in w. VA and nw. GA. The specimen from Fort Monroe ("Fortress Monroe, Va." – Fernald 1950) is accurately identified but seems likely to a mislabeling.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago rigidaMidwestern Bold GoldenrodGlades, barrens, and prairie-like areas, over mafic or calcareous rocks.RI and MA west to NY, s. ON, MI, WI, s. MN and c. NE, south to c. VA, sc. NC, w. NC, sc. TN, c. AR, and se. TX. East of MI, IN, IL, MO, and OK, Solidago rigida is generally rare and restricted to relictual prairie-like situations. Reports of S. rigida in the Coastal Plain of MS and AL are based on S. jacksonii.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago rigidiusculaNarrowleaf Showy GoldenrodLimestone barrens.ON west to ND and WY, south to TN, LA, and TX; disjunct eastward in glade habitats to nw. GA (GANHP), TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997), KY, and possibly NC and SC. Semple et al. (2012) also mention occurrences as far east as the Carolinas; this requires additional assessment.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago roanensisRoan Mountain GoldenrodForests, woodlands, roadbanks.MD and WV south to n. GA, largely Appalachian.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago rugosa var. asperaFields, forests, roadsides.ME west to MI, south to FL and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago rugosa var. celtidifoliaHackberry-leaf GoldenrodPocosins, seepage slopes, bogs, wetlands.VA south to FL, west to OK and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago rugosa var. cronquistianaCronquist's GoldenrodHigh elevation balds and forests.A Southern Appalachian endemic: sw. VA, w. NC, and e. TN south to n. GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago rugosa var. rugosaWrinkle-leaf GoldenrodFields, forests, wetlands.NS west to ON, south to GA, AL, MS, LA, TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago rupestrisRiverbank Goldenrod, Rock GoldenrodCrevices in rocky, flood-scoured riversides.PA, OH, and IL south to n. VA and TN.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago salicinaSouthern Roughleaf GoldenrodStreamhead pocosins, sandhill seepages, swamp edges, rarely inland in seepage over rock.Primarily Coastal Plain: se. VA south to Panhandle FL, west to se. OK and e. TX, and somewhat disjunct in the Ozarks and Ouachitas of MO and AR, also rarely reaching the lower Piedmont; disjunct in w. SC in the uppermost Piedmont in the Blue Ridge Escarpment region.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago sempervirensNorthern Seaside GoldenrodCoastal dunes, dune slacks, maritime wet grasslands, tidal marshes.NL (Newfoundland) south to ne. NC along the coast (and introduced inland in saline situations such as along salted roadways); isolated more southern occurrences likely reflect introductions.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago shortiiKentucky Goldenrod, Short's GoldenrodRocky slopes.Endemic to nc. KY (Fleming, Jefferson, Nicholas, Robertson counties) and s. IN.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago simulansGranite Dome Goldenrod, Cliffside GoldenrodIn thin soil mats wetted by periodic seepage on granitic domes and lower elevation montane cedar hardwood woodlands.Endemic to sw. NC, nw. SC, and ne. GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago species 1Wet pine savannas.Se. NC, perhaps more widespread in the Coastal Plain.
AsteraceaeSolidago species 2This soil over sandstoneN. AL.
AsteraceaeSolidago speciosaShowy Goldenrod, Noble GoldenrodPastures, forests, woodlands, roadbanks.NH, VT, NY, and WI south to GA, MS, LA, and OK.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago sphacelataLimestone Goldenrod, Heartleaved GoldenrodRock outcrops and dry rocky forests, usually over calcareous or mafic rocks.C. VA, s. WV, s. OH, c. IN, and s. IL south to n. GA, c. AL, and ne. MS.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago spithamaeaBlue Ridge GoldenrodIn crevices of sloping to nearly vertical outcrops of high elevation rocky summits on Grandfather Mountain, Hanging Rock Mountain, and Roan Mountain.Endemic to the three mountains named, the first two in NC, the third on the NC-TN border.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago squarrosaRagged Goldenrod, Stout Goldenrod, Squarrose GoldenrodUpland forests.NB and ON south to DE, w. NC, OH, and s. IN.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago strictaPine Barren Bog GoldenrodBogs and pine savannas.S. NJ south to e. NC, in the Coastal Plain.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago tardaLongleaf pine sandhills, other dry pinelands, xeric fluvial sand ridges, Piedmont barrens and rocky woodlands.NJ and e. PA south to e. VA, c. and s. GA, AL, and Panhandle FL; disjunct in Marion County, TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago tortifoliaLeafy Pineywoods GoldenrodLongleaf pine sandhills (especially in loamy flats and dips), sandy longleaf pine sandhills, other dry pinelands, calcareous clay prairies (Black Belt of AL and MS).Se. VA south to s. FL, west to AR and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago uliginosa var. peracutaNarrowleaf Bog GoldenrodBogs.NS and NL (Labrador) west to MB, south to NY, n. PA, MI, WI, n. IL, and MN.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago uliginosa var. uliginosaNorthern Bog GoldenrodBogs, wet meadows, mafic fens, acidic seepage swamps.ME, ON, MI and WI south to e. VA, w. NC, ne. TN, s. IN, and c. IL (reports from farther south are dubious and need additional evaluation; most southern material formerly identified as S. uliginosa is actually S. simulans or S. gracillima).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago ulmifoliaElmleaf GoldenrodRocky forests and woodlands, especially on mafic and calcareous substrates, moist hammocks (in FL).NS, ME, ON, and MN, south to FL and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago vaseyiVasey’s GoldenrodForests, woodlands, grassy balds.W. MD (C. Frye, pers. comm., 2014) and WV west to c. TN and s. MO, south to ne. FL, Panhandle FL, s. MS, and c. AR.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago vernaSpring-flowering GoldenrodMesic pine savannas and flatwoods, lower slopes of longleaf pine sandhills, ecotones of longleaf pine sandhills to blackwater stream swamps, roadbanks and margins.Se. NC south to e. SC.image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago villosicarpaCarolina Maritime GoldenrodDry-mesic and mesic hardwood forests (and related disturbed areas), in the outer Coastal Plain.Endemic to se. NC (Dare, Craven, Onslow, Pender, and Brunswick counties).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago virgataWand GoldenrodLongleaf pine savannas, Coastal Plain bogs, pocosins, marshes.NC south to s. FL, west to e. LA; West Indies and s. Mexico (CHP, VER).image of plant
AsteraceaeSolidago zediaGulf Coast Axillary GoldenrodMoist forests.E. NC and GA and Panhandle FL west to LA and AR.image of plant

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