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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
RosaceaeSorbus americanaAmerican Mountain-Ash, American Rowan, Roundwood, Missy-Moosy, DogberryHigh elevation forests, balds, and high elevation rock outcrops, often with Picea, Abies, and/or Betula alleghaniensis.NL (Newfoundland) west to MN, south to PA, w. NC, e. TN, ne. GA, and n. ILimage of plant
RosaceaeSorbus aucuparia ssp. aucupariaRowan, European Mountain-AshDisturbed areas, rarely cultivated.Native of n. Europe. A planted tree and escape (sometimes appearing naturalized), south to s. PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993), MD, DE, WV (Kartesz 1999), and DC (Jones 1939). Also reported for SC by Kartesz (1999), supposedly based on Jones (1939), but Jones (1939) does not mention SC in his account of S. aucuparia.image of plant
RosaceaeSorbus decoraShowy Mountain-Ash, Northern Mountain-AshRocky slopes.NL and SK south to CT, ne. PA, nw. PA, c. OH, n. IN, ne. IL, WI, and ne. IA.image of plant

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