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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
LamiaceaeStachys agrariaMouse’s-ear, Shade BetonyCalcareous hammocks, ditches, damp forests.E. SC south to s. FL, west to sw. AR and c. and s. TX; Mexico south to Guatemala.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys annuaAnnual Woundwort, Annual Hedge-nettleDisturbed areas, probably only a waif (Virginia Botanical Associates 2019).Native of Europe.
LamiaceaeStachys asperaRough-leaved Hedge-nettleMoist or wet sandy soil of pine savannas, marshes, or swamp forests, mafic barrens, sinkhole ponds in the Great Valley.NJ and NY west to IL and IA, south to GA and MO.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys byzantinaLamb’s-ear, Woolly Hedge-nettleRoadsides, lawns, doubtfully established from horticultural use.Native of Turkey and vicinity. Reported for James City and Prince Edward counties, VA (Virginia Botanical Associates 2019).image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys clingmaniiClingman's Hedge-nettleRich cove forests, northern hardwood forests, northern hardwood - spruce-fir transition forests, mostly at high elevations (and see comments below).A narrow Southern Appalachian endemic, known only from sw. NC and se. TN.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys cordataHeart-leaved Hedge-nettleMoist forests, especially alluvial bottomlands or over calcareous rocks.NY west to IL, south to SC, GA, AL, and AR.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys eplingiiEpling's Hedge-nettleMesic forests, bogs, wet meadows over calcareous or mafic substrates.Sw. PA and WV south to e. TN, w. NC, and w. SC.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys floridanaFlorida Betony, Rattlesnake-weedDisturbed sites, roadsides, gardens; probably not native northward of Florida.Native from n. FL and Panhandle FL south to s. FL; now in a much more extensive range in our region by recent spread.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys germanicaDowny WoundwortDisturbed areas, roadsides, doubtfully established.Native of Europe. Reported for VA, TN, FL (Kartesz 1999).image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys hispidaHispid Hedge-nettleWet meadows and mesic forests.ME west to MB and ND, south to MD, GA, and AR.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys hyssopifoliaHyssop-leaved Hedge-nettleMoist soils of pine savannas, marshes, seasonally flooded sinkhole ponds, roadside ditches.ME to Panhandle FL, mainly on the Coastal Plain; disjunct around the Great Lakes (NY, MI, n. IN, n. IL).image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys latidensBroad-toothed Hedge-nettleMesic forests in coves and on mountain slopes, mountain pastures and forest edges.A Southern Appalachian endemic: w. VA south to GA, AL, and TN.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys nuttalliiNuttall’s Hedge-nettleMoist forests, especially alluvial bottomlands or over calcareous rocks.{distribution} Primarily montane, but extending east to Stokes County, North Carolina.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys palustrisWoundwortDisturbed areas.Native of Europe. Introduced mainly in ne. North America, south to MD, PA, NJ.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys arenicolaWoundwortMarl fens, roadsides, banks of waterfowl impoundments; possibly adventive in part from farther west, but at least some populations native.NS and QC west to AK, south to VA, KY, AR, OK, NM, AZ, and CA.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys matthewsiiYadkin Hedge-nettleFloodplain forest edges, wet meadows, and clearings in the Piedmont, and on shrubby or openly wooded calcareous river shores and shell-marl bluffs of the Coastal Plain.Known from Amelia, Brunswick, Charlotte, Halifax, Pittsylvania, and Surry counties, VA, and Durham, Granville, and Montgomery counties, NC.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys subcordataMoist forests over calcareous or mafic rocks.Wc. VA south to ne. TN.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys tenuifoliaSmooth Hedge-nettleWooded brownwater river bottoms and edges.NB west to MB, south to Panhandle FL and e. TX.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys arvensisStaggerweedDisturbed areas, especially a historic waif on ballast.Native of Mediterranean Europe and n. Africa. Reported for VA by C, G, and K; documentation uncertain (Virginia Botanical Associates 2009).image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys carolinianaCarolina Hedge-nettleMargins of natural depressions, wet pine flatwoods.Endemic to the Santee River delta region, SC.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys appalachianaFens, usually over mafic or ultramafic rocks.Apparently endemic to nw. NC (Alleghany, Ashe, and Watauga counties) and sw. VA (Caldwell, Floyd, and Grayson counties).image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys drummondiiPink MintChaparral and woodlands.Se. TX south to s. TX and c. Mexico (MOR, NLE, PUE, SLP, TAM).
LamiaceaeStachys iltisiiOuachita Hedge-nettleUpland woodlands and forests, roadsides.AR west to e. OK, mainly in the Ouachita Mountains.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys pilosaPrairie sloughs, marshes, ditches.Northern, south to NJ, PA, IN, IL, MO, OK, NM, AZ, and CA.image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys glandulosissimaOcoee Hedge-nettleOn talus with underlying seepage.Endemic to se. TN (Ocoee River Gorge, Polk County) and n. GA (Murray, Pickens, and Stephens counties).image of plant
LamiaceaeStachys nelsoniiNelson's Hedge-nettle
LamiaceaeStachys alabamicaAlabama Hedge-nettleimage of plant
LamiaceaeStachys sylvaticaWoodland Hedge-nettleBallast waif.Native of Eurasia.

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