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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria alsineBog Stitchwort, Longstalk Starwort, Bog Chickweed, Bog StarwortSeepages.Circumboreal, in North America ranging south to DE, MD, w. NC, GA, FL, and LA (Rabeler & Thieret 1988).image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria aquaticaWater-chickweed, Giant Chickweed, Water Mouse-earMarshes, streambeds, wet meadows.Native of Europe.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria borealis var. borealisNorthern StitchwortCold swamps.Greenland and NL (Labrador) west to AK, south to MD, n. WV (Canaan Valley, Tucker Co.), sc. PA, MI, WI, MN, CO, NV, and OR.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria coreiTennessee StarwortCove forests and seepages at moderate to high elevations, rarely escaped from cultivation.W. VA, WV, and sw. PA west to OH and IN, south to w. NC, e. and c. TN, and n. AL. Recently found in Johnson County, IL.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria gramineaCommon Stitchwort, Lesser StitchwortFields, roadsides, pastures, disturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria longifoliaLongleaf StitchwortMeadows, floodplain forests, freshwater tidal marshes, moist disturbed areas.Apparently circumboreal, in North America ranging south to e. SC, w. VA, e. TN, MO, KS, AZ, and CA.
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria mediaCommon ChickweedDisturbed areas, gardens, fields, bottomlands, moist forests.Native of Europe.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria neglectaDisturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria pallidaLesser ChickweedDisturbed areas, gardens, fields.Native of Europe.
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria prostrataMoist soil along streams.Apparently ranging from SC south to c. peninsular FL, west to c. and s. TX. This species has been reported repeatedly for SC and sometimes for VA as well; the VA reports are referable to S. pallida. More information is needed about its occurrence in our area.
CaryophyllaceaeStellaria puberaStar Chickweed, Common Starwort, Giant Chickweed, Great ChickweedBottomland forests, moist slopes, coves, hammocks.NJ west to IL, south to Panhandle FL and AL.image of plant