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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
MelanthiaceaeStenanthium diffusumRockhouse FeatherbellsSandstone rockhouses.Endemic to the Cumberland Plateau of ne. TN (known from Fentress, Morgan, Pickett, Scott counties).
MelanthiaceaeStenanthium gramineum var. robustumBog FeatherbellsBogs and wet meadows.PA west to IN, south to w. NC.image of plant
MelanthiaceaeStenanthium densumCrow-poison, Osceola-plumePine savannas, pine flatwoods.Se. VA south to c. peninsular FL and west to s. MS, on the Coastal Plain.image of plant
MelanthiaceaeStenanthium texanumCrow-poison, Black Death-camasPine savannas, pine flatwoods.FL Panhandle and s. GA west to e. TX, on the Coastal Plain.image of plant
MelanthiaceaeStenanthium leimanthoidesPinebarrens Death-camasHigh elevation rock outcrops, shrub balds, seepage areas at high elevations, fens, bogs in the Coastal Plain.As currently interpreted, with a peculiar and disjunct range, occurring on the Coastal Plain of se. NY (Long Island), NJ, and DE, in the mountains from WV and VA south through w. NC to ne. GA.image of plant
MelanthiaceaeStenanthium tennesseenseTennessee Death-camasWet meadows.Endemic to sc. TN (Cumberland Plateau and Eastern Highland Rim).
MelanthiaceaeStenanthium gramineum var. gramineumFeatherbellsDry and mesic forests and woodlands, grassy balds, serpentine barrens, to at least 1700m in elevation.PA west to IL and MO, south to ne. NC, Panhandle FL, and TX.image of plant

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