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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
EuphorbiaceaeStillingia aquaticaCorkwood, Water ToothleafPonds in pine flatwoods, ponded interdune swales, marl prairies.Se. SC south to s. FL, west to sw. AL.image of plant
EuphorbiaceaeStillingia sylvaticaQueen's-delightLongleaf pine sandhills, dryish Coastal Plain woodlands, other dry woodlands.Se. VA south to s. FL, west to s. TX, s. NM, and Mexico (COA, MIC, TAM), north in the interior to KS and se. CO. Apparently disjunct inland in KY, based on a well-documented occurrence found by C.W. Short in 1840: "rare -- barrens of Kentucky" (M. Brock, pers.comm., 2024).image of plant
EuphorbiaceaeStillingia texanaTexas StillingiaRocky calcareous soils, calcareous prairies.Sc. OK south through TX to n. Mexico (n. COA).image of plant
EuphorbiaceaeStillingia treculianaTrécul's ToothleafGravelly soils, especially calcareous.C. TX and s. TX south into Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE, SLP, TAM).image of plant
EuphorbiaceaeStillingia tenuisRockland Queen's DelightPine rocklands, mesic to wet pine flatwoods, and margins of marl prairies.Endemic to c. and s. FL.image of plant

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