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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
StyracaceaeStyrax americanus var. americanusAmerican Snowbell, American StoraxSwamp forests, pocosin edges, depression wetlands, other moist to wet habitats.Var. americanus ranges from ne. WV, OH, s. IN, s. IL, s. MO, south to s. FL and e. TX.image of plant
StyracaceaeStyrax americanus var. pulverulentusDowny American SnowbellWet pine flatwoods.‘Good’ var. pulverulentus ranges from SC south to s. FL and west to e. TX and se. MO; some plants in NC and SC are transitional between the two varieties and will not be easily assigned.image of plant
StyracaceaeStyrax grandifoliusBigleaf Snowbell, Bigleaf StoraxMesic to dry upland forests, bluffs.Se. VA south to ne. FL and. Panhandle FL, west to e. TX, north to se. MO.image of plant
StyracaceaeStyrax japonicusJapanese SnowbellSuburban woodlands, old fields, fencerows.Native of e. Asia; "escaped from nearby plantings, sometimes abundantly so" (Virginia Botanical Associates 2023).image of plant
StyracaceaeStyrax platanifolius ssp. platanifoliusSycamore-leaf Snowbell"Usually in oak-juniper woodlands on steep rocky banks and ledges along intermittent or perennial streams, rarely far from some reliable source of moisture" (Carr 2016).Endemic to the Edwards Plateau and vicinity (Lampasas Cutplain, and Llano Uplift).image of plant
StyracaceaeStyrax platanifolius ssp. stellatusHairy Sycamore-leaf SnowbellAlong streams in limestone canyons.Nearly endemic to the Edwards Plateau, TX.

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