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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CupressaceaeTaxodium ascendensPond-cypressLimesink ponds (dolines), clay-based Carolina bays, wet savannas, pocosins and other wet, peaty habitats, shores of natural blackwater lakes, swamps of blackwater streams, forming "domes" and "stringers" in Florida in very flat, fire landscapes, also as "hatrack" stands of widely spaced and stunted trees on oolite in south Florida.Se. VA south to s. FL, west to e. LA.image of plant
CupressaceaeTaxodium distichumBald-cypressBrownwater and blackwater swamps, usually in riverine situations, depressions in bottomland forests, lake margins, river banks, rarely in wooded seeps.DE and e. MD south to s. FL and west to e. TX and se. OK, north along the Mississippi River and its tributaries to s. IN and s. IL. This species is sometimes planted as an ornamental in upland and wetland sites within and beyond its natural range, and these planted trees are very long persistent and may be encountered.image of plant
CupressaceaeTaxodium mucronatumMontezuma Bald-cypress, Mexican Bald-cypress, Ahuehuete, SabinoRiverbanks of the Rio Grande River, streams, and resacas.S. TX (perhaps as far north as San Antonio) south to s. Mexico.image of plant

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