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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CommelinaceaeTradescantia bracteataPrairie Spiderwort, Sticky SpiderwortMesic upland prairies.S. MI WI, MN, ND, and MT south to s. IN, s. IL, s. MO, w. AR, s. OK, w. KS, and e. WY.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia buckleyiBuckley's SpiderwortClay soils.S. TX south to Mexico (TAM).
CommelinaceaeTradescantia crassulaDisturbed oak hammocks.Native of South America.
CommelinaceaeTradescantia edwardsianaPlateau SpiderwortMoist forests in ravines and floodplains.Ne. TX south to Edwards Plateau, TX.
CommelinaceaeTradescantia ernestianaErnest's SpiderwortDry woodlands.Primarily Ozarkian (AR, MO, OK, disjunct east to nw. GA and ne. AL, and west to n. TX (Faden in FNA 2000).image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia fluminensisWandering Jew, Small-leaf Spiderwort, Small-leaf Wandering JewDisturbed areas, lawns, vacant lots, moist suburban woods, along streams.Native of tropical America. Reported for Beaufort Co. SC (Daniel C. Payne 2009, pers. comm.).image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia giganteaGiant SpiderwortLimestone soils.N. LA and n. TX south to c. TX.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia hirsuticaulisHairy SpiderwortDry rocky woodlands, and rock outcrops (especially granitic flatrocks and domes).W. NC and wc. TN south to sc. SC, s. GA, s. AL, and sc. MS; west of the Mississippi River in AR, e. OK, and nw. LA.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia hirsutifloraLongleaf pine sandhills, dry hammocks.S. and e. GA and FL Panhandle, west to TX.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia humilisTexas SpiderwortSandy or rocky ground.Sc. OK south to s. TX.
CommelinaceaeTradescantia longipesDwarf SpiderwortWooded slopes on rocky hillsides.MO and AR.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia mundulaWandering Jew, Small-leaf Spiderwort, Small-leaf Wandering JewDisturbed areas; probably at least casually escaping in the Southeast.Native of South America.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia occidentalis var. occidentalisPrairie SpiderwortPrairies, forests.WI west to MT, south to e. LA, TX, NM, AZ, and Mexico (SON).image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia ohiensisSmooth Spiderwort, Ohio SpiderwortWoodlands and forests, alluvial bottoms, disturbed areas, roadsides.MA west to MN, south to c. peninsular FL and TX, some of that range likely the result of naturalization from cultivation.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia ozarkanaOzark SpiderwortBottomlands, rich slopes.S. MO, nw. AR, and e. OK.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia pallidaPurplequeen, Purpleheart, "Wandering Jew"Disturbed areas.Native of Mexico. The AL report is detailed in Barger et al. (2012).image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia paludosaSwamp Spiderwort, Confederate SpiderwortSwamps and bottomlands.Coastal Plain of MS and LA west to TX and c. and sw. AR.
CommelinaceaeTradescantia pedicellataRocky soil.C. TX; disjunct in nc. TX.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia reverchoniiReverchon's Spiderwort, Woolly SpiderwortLongleaf pine sandhills, other dry woodlands, sandy openings.Sw. AR south to sw. LA and e. and c. TX.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia roseolensSandhill SpiderwortDry sandy woodlands.SC south through GA to c. peninsular FL, west to AL.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia spathaceaMoses-in-the-cradle, Oyster-plant, Boat-lilyDisturbed areas, suburban woodlands.Native of s. Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia subacaulisStemless SpiderwortSandy soils.Endemic to TX.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia subasperaWide-leaved Spiderwort, Zigzag SpiderwortDry to mesic woodlands and forests, hammocks.Nc. NC, w. VA, WV, OH, IN, IL, and MO, south to NC, SC, sw. GA, Panhandle FL, and AL.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia tharpiiDwarf SpiderwortRocky prairies, other open ground.MO and KS south through OK to TX.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia virginianaVirginia SpiderwortNutrient-rich forests and woodlands.ME west to MI and WI, south to n. GA, MO, and e. AR.image of plant
CommelinaceaeTradescantia zebrinaZebra Plant, "Wandering Jew", Creeping CharlieHammocks, disturbed areas; suburban woodlands.Native of tropical America.image of plant

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