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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CampanulaceaeTriodanis bifloraSouthern Venus's Looking-glassRoadsides, gardens, glades, disturbed areas.E. VA, KY, KS, AZ, and OR, south c. peninsular FL and Mexico; South America.image of plant
CampanulaceaeTriodanis coloradoensisEdwards Plateau Venus's Looking-glassBluffs and hillsides, bottomlands.TX south to ne. Mexico (COA, NLE).
CampanulaceaeTriodanis holzingeriHolzinger's Venus's Looking-glassPrairies, bottomlands, disturbed areas.MO west to CO, south to sw. TN, AR, TX, and NM.
CampanulaceaeTriodanis lamprospermaPrairie Venus's Looking-glassGlades, prairies, disturbed upland areas.S. MO and se. KS south through AR and e. OK to w. LA and e. TX.image of plant
CampanulaceaeTriodanis leptocarpaBottomland and upland prairies, disturbed areas.MN, ND, and MT south to AR, TX, and n. CO.image of plant
CampanulaceaeTriodanis perfoliataRoadsides, gardens, glades, dry forests, disturbed areas.ME and BC south to c. peninsular FL and Mexico; West Indies; Ecuador.image of plant
CampanulaceaeTriodanis texanaTexas Venus's Looking-glassWoodlands and prairies, especially in sandy soils.Ne. and e. TX south to s. TX.

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