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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
VerbenaceaeVerbena bonariensisPurple-top VervainRoadsides, disturbed areas, old fields.Native of South America.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena bracteataProstrate Vervain, Big-bracted VervainGlades, riverbanks, sandy fields, other disturbed areas, waste areas near wool-combing mills.The original distribution uncertain, now distributed from ME west to BC, south to FL and Mexico, but apparently native of mw. and w. North America.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena brasiliensisBrazilian VervainRoadsides, disturbed areas, old fields, clearings.Native of South America.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena canescensGray VervainLimestone outcrops, eastwards in disturbed areas.Sc. OK south to se., s., and w. TX and Mexico. Reported for s. AL.
VerbenaceaeVerbena carneaCarolina VervainSandy woodlands, longleaf pine sandhills.E. NC (se. VA?) south to c. peninsular FL, west to e. TX.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena cloveraeClover's VervainOpen slopes in clayey and sandy soils.E. TX, c. TX south to s. TX.
VerbenaceaeVerbena haleiTexas VervainDry hammocks, prairies, open woodlands, roadsides, pastures.C. GA south to c. peninsular FL, TX, AZ, and Mexico; scattered as an introduction farther north, as in NC and SC.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena hastataCommon Vervain, Blue Vervain, Simpler's-joyFens, marshes, bogs, meadows, calcareous spring marshes, riverbanks, low fields.NS west to BC, south to NC, n. AL, AR, OK, n. TX, NM, AZ, CA; scattered occurrences farther south appear to be introductions.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena hirtellaHillside VervainRocky areas.C. TX and NM southwards into Mexico.
VerbenaceaeVerbena incomptaPurpletop VervainRoadsides, disturbed areas, old fields.Native of South America.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena montevidensisUruguayan VervainDisturbed areas.Native of South America.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena officinalisEuropean Vervain, Juno’s Tears, Herb-of-the-crossDisturbed areas, riverbanks.Native of Europe.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena plicataFanleaf VervainRocky or sandy areas, disturbed areas.OK, s. CO, and n. AZ south through nc., c., and s. TX and NM to n. Mexico.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena rigidaVeiny VervainPrairies, pastures, roadsides, disturbed areas.Native of South America, distributed as an introduction from OK, CO, and AZ south to c. and s. TX and Mexico.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena runyoniiMoist ground.Se. TX to s. TX to NLE.
VerbenaceaeVerbena scabraRough Vervain, Harsh VervainOligohaline tidal marshes, shell deposits, river shores, other wet habitats.VA and WV south to s. FL, west to TX and CA, south into tropical America; mainly coastal in our area but with scattered inland records (probably adventive).image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena simplexNarrowleaf VervainGlades, prairies, woodlands, forests, rock outcrops, and roadsides, over limestone or mafic rocks.NH west to MN and NE, south to Panhandle FL (Jackson County) and TX.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena strictaHoary VervainPrairies, glades, barrens, pastures, and roadsides.W. NY ON, MI, MN, ND, and MT south to KY, TN, MS, AR, TX, and NM; the eastern extent of nativity is uncertain.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena supinaTrailing VerbenaOn ballast.Native of Mediterranean Europe.
VerbenaceaeVerbena urticifoliaWhite Vervain, Nettleleaf VervainFloodplain forests, mesic and dry upland forests, disturbed habitats.NB west to SK, south to Panhandle FL and TX.image of plant
VerbenaceaeVerbena xuthaGulf Vervain, Coarse VervainBeaches, xeric alluvial sand barrens, blackland prairies, bottomlands along streams, fields, roadsides.AL west to TX.image of plant

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