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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
VitaceaeVitis ×alexanderiConcord GrapeCommonly cultivated as a table grape, sometimes persistent after cultivation.A garden hybrid between the North American V. labrusca and the Mediterranean V. vinifera.
VitaceaeVitis acerifoliaPanhandle Grape, Bush Grape, Mapleleaf GrapeStream bottoms, rocky slopes, thickets.KS and CO south to nc. TX and ne. NM.
VitaceaeVitis aestivalis var. aestivalisSummer GrapeForests and woodlands, mostly upland.MA west to MO and IA, south to s. FL and e. TX.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis aestivalis var. bicolorSilverleaf Grape, Blue Grape, Winter GrapeForests and woodlands, mostly upland.ON and MN south to n. GA and n. AL.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis baileyanaPossum GrapeForests and woodlands, mostly bottomlands.Sw. PA, s. OH, and se. IN south to c. SC, c. GA, and AL.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis berlandieriSpanish Grape, Uva CimarronaCanyons, limestone slopes.C. TX south to c. Mexico.
VitaceaeVitis cinereaGraybark Grape, Pigeon GrapeHammocks, moist forests.VA (?), w. KY, wc. TN, IN, and WI, south to Panhandle FL (Okaloosa County), sc. AL and TX.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis labruscaFox Grape, Plum GrapeForests and woodlands, mainly in wet to moist situations.ME west to s. MI, south to n. GA, n. AL, and n. MS.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis lincecumiiPost Oak Grape, Lincecum's GrapeSandy woodlands and longleaf pinelands.AR and OK south to w. LA and e. and c. TX.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis monticolaSweet Mountain GrapeStream bottoms, especially over limestone.Endemic to TX (mainly Edwards Plateau).
VitaceaeVitis mustangensisMustang GrapeWoodland edges, fencerows, thickets, lowland woods, disturbed areas.AR and s. OK south to s. LA and s. TX; disjunct east of the Mississippi River in MS and AL.
VitaceaeVitis novae-angliaeNew England GrapeBottomlands, rich thickets.ME and ON south to n. NJ, s. PA, and w. MD.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis palmataRed Grape, Cat Grape, Catbird GrapeFloodplain forests, riverbanks.IN, sw. VA (Townsend, pers. comm. 2009), c. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997), sc. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), and FL Panhandle west to MO, OK, and TX.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis ripariaRiverbank GrapeForests and woodlands, mostly moist to wet.NB west to se. SK, south to VA, NC, c. and w. TN, n. MS, LA, and e. TX, and in the Pacific Northwest.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis rufotomentosaRusty GrapeMaritime thickets, maritime forests.FL to se. NC, and perhaps more widespread.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis rupestrisSand Grape, Sugar GrapeAlong streams and in riverbank scour areas and gravel bars, sometimes on rocky limestone slopes, especially in calcareous regions.MD, WV, sw. PA west to MO, south to VA, c. TN, and n. AR.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis shuttleworthiiCalusa GrapeMoist hammocks, disturbed areas.N. peninsular FL south to s. FL.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis simpsoniiFlorida GrapeHammocks, floodplain and other moist forests.Se. VA south to s. FL, west to s. MS.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis viniferaEuropean Wine GrapeIncreasingly cultivated in our area, especially in VA and NC, now significant wine-producing areas.Native of Mediterranean Europe.image of plant
VitaceaeVitis vulpinaFrost Grape, Winter Grape, Chicken GrapeForests and woodlands, primarily upland, but also in bottomlands.Se. NY west to MO and e. KS, south to c. peninsular FL and nc. TX.image of plant

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