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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PteridaceaeVittaria appalachianaAppalachian Shoestring Fern, "Appalachian Gametophyte"Shaded grottoes, undersides of overhanging rock outcrops, especially in moist gorges or on spray cliffs in the vicinity of waterfalls, usually on felsic metamorphic rocks, such as mica schist, mica gneiss, granite gneiss, or metaquartzite, or on sandstone.Southern and Central Appalachians, mostly but not entirely south of the glacial boundary, from se. PA, sw. NY, and ne. OH south through c. TN and c. KY to n. GA, n. AL, and n. MS (Menapace, Davison, & Webb 1998).image of plant
PteridaceaeVittaria lineataShoestring Fern, Grass FernEpiphyte on the bark of trees, especially Sabal palmetto and Quercus virginiana, but the northernmost native site (in Lincoln County, GA) was on rock.Se. GA and formerly ec. GA south to s. FL; West Indies; c. Mexico south through Central America to n. South America; introduced in e. SC (Beaufort and Jasper counties) and s. AL on landscaping plants.image of plant
PteridaceaeVittaria graminifoliaGrass FernEpiphytic on trunk base of beech (Fagus grandifolia), in crevices of Altamaha Grit sandstone in the Coastal Plain of GA, and XXX (in AL).LA (St. Helena Parish); GA (Broxton Rocks, Coffee County) (Pinson, Chambers, & Sessa 2017); AL (Elmore County); West Indies; Mexico, Central America, and South America.image of plant

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