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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CornaceaeSwida alternifoliaAlternate-leaf Dogwood, Pagoda Cornel, Pagoda Dogwood, Blue DogwoodMesic to dry-mesic forests.NL (Newfoundland) west to MN, south to Panhandle FL, AL, s. MS, and AR.image of plant
CornaceaeSwida amomumSilky DogwoodShores, streams, bottomlands.NY and MA west to IN, south to GA, Panhandle FL, and MS.image of plant
CornaceaeSwida asperifoliaEastern Roughleaf DogwoodMesic calcareous forests and thickets, shell middens, calcareous hammocks.Se. NC south to n. peninsular FL, west to s. AL.image of plant
CornaceaeSwida drummondiiMidwestern Roughleaf DogwoodOpen woodlands and glades over calcareous rocks (limestone, calcareous shale); also naturalized in wetlands and slopes along old railroad tracks (in VA).NY, ON, and SD south to e. TN, nw. GA, LA, and TX. Reported as naturalized in City of Alexandria, VA (Simmons et al. 2020).image of plant
CornaceaeSwida foeminaSouthern Swamp DogwoodSwamps, streambanks, marshes, alluvial forests.DE south to s. FL, west to TX, and north in the interior to TN, s. IN, s. IL, AR, and se. OK.image of plant
CornaceaeSwida obliquaSilky Dogwood, Pale DogwoodSwamps, moist thickets, (in VA) rocky rivershores where periodically scoured.ME and QC west to ND, south to VA, KY, c. TN, AR, and OK.image of plant
CornaceaeSwida racemosaNorthern Swamp Dogwood, Gray DogwoodWet to moist forests and thickets.ME and s. QC west to s. MB, south to VA, nc. NC, s. IL, and MO.image of plant
CornaceaeSwida rugosaRoundleaf DogwoodAt high elevations, usually on talus (greenstone, quartzite, sandstone, limestone) in woodlands.QC to MB, south to NJ, PA, w. VA, e. TN (Tennessee Flora Committee 2015), OH, IN, IL, and IA.image of plant
CornaceaeSwida sanguineaBlood-twig DogwoodDisturbed areas.Native of Eurasia.image of plant
CornaceaeSwida sericeaRed Osier DogwoodShrub swamps, bottomlands, suburban areas.NL (Labrador) and AK south to VA, WV, KY (Clark et al. 2005), IL, NM, AZ, CA, and Mexico. At least some of the occurrences in VA represent horticultural introductions.image of plant

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