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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PolygalaceaeRhinotropis lindheimeri var. lindheimeriBluffs and hills over calcareous rocks.S. Edwards Plateau and the s. Texas plains (barely entering the se. TX Coastal Plain), and n. Mexico (TAM, NLE, COA, and CHH).
PolygalaceaeRhinotropis lindheimeri var. parvifoliaOak-juniper woodlands, mesquite savanna, scrub.Sw. OK, Panhandle TX, s. NM, and s. AZ south to sc. TX, west TX, south into Mexico (NLE, COA, CHH, ZAC).
PolygalaceaeRhinotropis nitida var. goliadensisTamaulipan thornscrub.S. TX.
PolygalaceaeRhinotropis nitida var. tamaulipanaThornscrub, coastal prairie, oak savanna.Se. TX south to TAM and NLE.

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