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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeBouteloua curtipendula var. caespitosaSide-oats GramaLoose, calcareous soils.OK, CO, UT, and CA south to s. TX, NM, AZ, and Mexico (to Argentina).image of plant
PoaceaeBouteloua curtipendula var. curtipendulaSide-oats GramaPrairies, dry rocky slopes and bluffs over calcareous rocks (such as limestone, dolomite, or calcareous shale) or ultramafic rocks (such as serpentine or metabasalt), limestone glades.S. CT west to MT, south to VA, e. TN, nw. GA, AL, Panhandle FL (Gadsden County), TX, AZ, and CA; also in Central and South America. The older literature refers to B. curtipendula as introduced in SC, but the single specimen documenting its occurrence there appears to be from experimental plantings at Clemson University; there is apparently no evidence of its establishment there. B. curtipendula is now sometimes included in seed mixes, and appears as a waif or short-term introduction, including in the Piedmont of SC (K. Bradley, pers.comm., 2020). B. curtipendula occurs on serpentine in the Piedmont of GA (J. Allison, pers. comm.).image of plant

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