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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeCoreopsis grandiflora var. grandifloraLarge-flowered CoreopsisIn thin soils of rock outcrops, especially granitic flatrocks and granite domes.Var. grandiflora ranges from c. GA and w. SC west to e. TX and e. OK, very scattered in distribution; it differs from var. harveyana in having the leaf divisions 2-6 mm wide (vs. 0.5-2 mm wide).image of plant
AsteraceaeCoreopsis grandiflora var. harveyanaLarge-flowered CoreopsisSandy woodlands, disturbed areas.Var. harveyana is the most abundant variety of the C. grandiflora complex, probably originally endemic to AR, n. LA, ne. TX, OK, e. KS, and s. and c. MO, but now scattered eastward to IN, NC, and SC.image of plant
AsteraceaeCoreopsis grandiflora var. inclinataKetona Tickseed, Ketona CoreopsisDolomite glades.Endemic to dolomitic Ketona glades of c. AL (Allison & Stevens 2001).image of plant
AsteraceaeCoreopsis grandiflora var. longipesSandy woods.Var. longipes (Hooker) Torrey & Gray is endemic to e. TX and s. OK.
AsteraceaeCoreopsis grandiflora var. saxicolaStone Mountain CoreopsisGranitic and sandstone outcrops.C. GA, ec. AL, MS, and nc. AR.image of plant

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