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Key to Zamia

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1 Petiole armed with stout prickles; leaflets 25-50 mm wide, thick and rigid; seed cone cylindrical, > 3× as long as wide
1 Petiole unarmed; leaflets 5-16 mm wide, firm but flexible; seed cone ellipsoid to subglobose, < 2.5× as long as wide.
..2 Median leaflets 12-16 mm wide, with protruding vein-tips appearing as small teeth at the rounded apices; leaflets averaging 8× as long as wide; leaves to 15 dm long; older plants multistemmed; [ne. FL, from St. Johns County (or se. GA?) south to Brevard County]
..2 Median leaflets 5-16 mm wide, lacking protruding vein-tips at the acute to obtuse apices; leaflets 10-18× as long as wide; leaves to 10 dm long; older plants variously multi-stemmed or not; [collectively more widespread in FL].
....3 Median leaflets linear, 5-8 mm wide, averaging 18× as long as wide; female strobili 8-10 cm long; foliage generally erect; older plants rarely multistemmed; [nw. peninsular FL, in dry hammocks and dry pinelands]
....3 Median leaflets narrowly oblong to spatulate, averaging 10-12× as long as wide; female strobili 4-18 cm long; foliage generally spreading; older plants usually multistemmed; [widespread in FL peninsula and eastern Panhandle].
......4 Median leaflets 14-18 cm long, 12-16 mm wide, averaging 10× as long as wide; female strobili 9-14 cm long; [upper w. side of FL peninsula (Levy and Citrus counties) and s. FL (Miami-Dade County)]
......4 Median leaflets 8-12 cm long, 8-14 mm wide, averaging 12× as long as wide; female strobili either 8-18 cm long or 4-8 cm long.
........5 Female strobili 8-18 cm long; [on shell mounds and middens, Levy County, FL]
........5 Female strobili 4-8 cm long; [on sand, in pinelands and dry hammocks, widespread in FL, from Taylor County on the west coast and Volusia County on the east coast south to Miami-Dade County]