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Key to Picea

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1 Twigs pubescent; seed cones 1.5-4.5 cm long; [native].
  2 Twig pubescence partly glandular; seed cones 1.5-2.5 (-3.5) cm long, persistent on the tree for many years; leaves 6-15 (-20) mm long, blunt-tipped, glaucous or blue-green to gray
  2 Twig pubescence entirely eglandular; seed cones 2.3-4.5 (-5) cm long, usually falling by the first winter; leaves 8-25 (-30) mm long, mostly acute-tipped, yellowish-green, medium-green, to dark-green
1 Twigs glabrous or with very few hairs; seed cones 2.5-16 cm long; [exotic, but widely planted as ornamental or timber plantation trees].
    3 Leaves dark green; seed cones 12-16 cm long; upper branches spreading to ascending, the lower branches drooping
    3 Leaves blue-green, glaucous; seed cones 2.5-11 cm long; upper branches ascending, the lower branches spreading (or drooping in P. pungens).
      4 Seed cone scales fan-shaped, widest well past the midpoint, with the margin entire; seed cones 2.5-6 cm long
      4 Seed cone scales rhombic, widest at or near the midpoint, with the margin toothed or irregular; seed cones 6-11 cm long
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