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Key to Dicentra

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1 Flowers pink, in panicles; rootstock lacking bulblets; ultimate leaf segments generally 3-parted, each part 2-5 mm wide at base, gradually tapering to the tip.
  2 Reflexed portions of the outer petals 4-8 mm long; [native and also cultivated]
  2 Reflexed portions of the outer petals 2-5 mm long; [cultivated]
1 Flowers white or yellowish (very rarely pinkish), in racemes; rootstock with bulblets; ultimate leaf segments not generally 3-parted, about 1 (-3) mm wide, with parallel sides for most of their length, then tapering suddenly to the tip.
    3 Spurs of the corolla rounded, incurved, 2-5 mm long; leaves moderately to strongly glaucous beneath; bulblets yellow, spherical or irregularly rounded (like a tiny potato)
    3 Spurs of the corolla elongate, divergent (angled away from the flower stalk), 7-9 mm long; leaves not or only slightly glaucous beneath; bulblets pink (or less commonly tan to white), tear-shaped (narrowed upward, like a tiny garlic clove)
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