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Click the number at the start of a key lead to highlight both that lead and its corresponding lead. Click again to show only the two highlighted leads. Click a third time to return to the full key with the selected leads still highlighted.

Key to Fumaria

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1 Corolla (9-) 10-14 mm long, creamy white (to reddish); fruiting pedicels deflexed downward; fruit smooth when dry
1 Corolla 4-8 (-9) mm long, white to pink or purple; fruiting pedicels ascending; fruit rugose or verrucose when dry.
..2 Corolla (6-) 7-8 (-9) mm long, dark pink to purple; sepals 1.5-3.5 mm long
..2 Corolla 4-6 mm long, white to pale pink; sepals 0.5-0.75 (-1.5) mm long
....3 Corolla white to pale pink; bracts as long as or longer than the subtended fruiting pedicel
....3 Corolla pink; bracts shorter than the subtended fruiting pedicel