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Key to Trautvetteria

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1 Basal leaves shallowly 3- (5) lobed (the sinuses reaching less than halfway from lobe tip to petiole attachment), coriaceous, stiff, lobes round/deltoid, outer lobes usually shallowly 1-lobed, sinuses acute to rounded, margin regularly crenate/dentate, venation highly reticulate; cauline leaves unlobed to shallowly 3-5-lobed, lobes deltoid; [endemic to Ridge and Valley of ne. TN]
1 Basal leaves deeply 3-9-lobed (the sinuses reaching over two-thirds of the way from lobe tip to petiole attachment), chartaceous, coriaceous, or membranous, each lobe further divided into 2-4 lobules; cauline leaves 3-7-lobed, lobes oblanceolate; [widespread in our area].
..2 Leaf blade nearly pedate; leaf margin serrations deltoid or depressed-deltoid in shape, rounded or obtuse (and mucronate) at the apex; [Cumberland Plateau and Ridge and Valley provinces, rare and scattered westward, as in the Interior Highlands, and in lower elevations of the Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plain and lower Piedmont]
..2 Leaf blade palmately divided; leaf margin serrations lanceolate, acuminate or acute at the apex; [mainly in the Blue Ridge and adjacent portions of adjacent provinces]
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