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Key to Hylodesmum

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1 Stems dimorphic, the flowering stem normally lacking leaves (rarely with leaves), the sterile stem with a subverticillate cluster of 3-7 leaves near the top; pedicels 10-20 mm long
1 Stems monomorphic, bearing both leaves and flowers, the leaves either subverticillate or not; pedicels 2-10 mm long.
  2 Leaves subverticillate, clustered; leaflets conspicuously and strongly acuminate, 5-10 cm long; flowers usually distinctly pink or pink-purple; inflorescence 3-8 dm long, elongate, large, and conspicuous, much exceeding the leaves
  2 Leaves alternate, scattered; leaflets acute to slightly acuminate, 3-7 cm long; flowers white; inflorescence 1-2 dm long, small and inconspicuous, often partly obscured by the leaves
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