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Key to Phaseolus

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1 Raceme axes slender, flexuous; [native perennials]; [section Paniculati; subsection Volubili].
  2 Stems trailing; leaflets 1-4 cm long, strongly 3-lobed, suborbicular; leaflet surfaces strongly reticulate-veined; [longleaf pine sandhill habitats, NC to FL west to MS]
  2 Stems climbing and twining on other vegetation (or trailing); leaflets 3-10 cm long, 3-lobed or not, ovate; leaflet surfaces only slightly reticulate; [various habitats; collectively widespread
    3 Leaflets unlobed; vines climbing; [widespread]
    3 Leaflets 3-lobed; vines trailing or climbing; [restricted to n. FL southward]
1 Raceme axes stout, stiff; [exotic annuals, only weakly naturalized].
      4 Corolla 1.5-2 cm long, scarlet red or bright lavender; racemes exserted; plants twining; [section Coccinei]
      4 Corolla ca. 1 cm long, pink-purple, greenish white, or bicolored pink and white; racemes short or exserted; plants bushy-erect (rarely twining).
        5 Legumes distinctly flattened at maturity, 15-20 mm wide; corolla usually greenish white; [section Paniculati; subsection Volubili]
        5 Legumes nearly terete at maturity, about 8 mm in diameter; corolla usually pink-purple, at least in part; [section Phaseoli]
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