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Key to Strophostyles

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1 Legumes 2-4 cm long, permanently pubescent; corolla 5-8 mm long; leaves permanently pubescent on the upper surface; seeds glabrous
1 Legumes 3-8 cm long, glabrate at maturity; corolla 8-15 mm long; leaves usually glabrate on the upper surface; seeds pubescent.
..2 Bracteoles (immediately subtending the calyx) 2-3 mm long, equaling or exceeding the calyx tube; leaflets usually prominently 3-lobed; terminal leaflet 2.5-3.5 cm wide; plant an annual
..2 Bracteoles (immediately subtending the calyx) 0.5-1.0 (-1.5) mm long, shorter than the calyx tube; leaflets not lobed; terminal leaflet 0.3-2.0 cm wide; plant a perennial
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