Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Key to Sorbus

1 Branches and lower leaf surfaces densely white-villous; winter buds white-villous; [introduced tree]; [section Sorbus]
1 Branches and lower leaf surfaces glabrous (or inconspicuously and sparsely pubescent); winter buds glutinous; [native tree]; [section Commixtae]
..2 Leaflet blades 3.4-5.0× as long as wide, long-acuminate at the tip; pomes 4-7 mm in diameter, not glaucous fresh or dried; [south to ne. GA]
..2 Leaflet blades 2.4-3.2 (-3.6)× as long as wide, acute to short-acuminate at the tip; pomes (5-) 7-11 mm in diameter, often glaucous when dried; south to ne. PA, nw. PA, c. OH, n. IN, and ne. IL]