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Key to Ceanothus

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1 Leaves 0.2-1.0 cm long, obovate
1 Leaves 2-10 cm long, elliptic to ovate.
..2 Inflorescences terminating leafy terminal shoots; leaves mostly obtuse to acute
..2 Inflorescences terminating leafless axillary shoots (these sometimes with leafy bracts distinctly smaller than normal leaves); leaves mostly acute to acuminate.
....3 Leaves 2-4 (-6) cm long, mostly 1-2 cm wide; [primarily of sandy habitats of the Coastal Plain and rarely Piedmont]
....3 Leaves (3-) 4-10 cm long, mostly 2.5-6 cm wide; [of various habitats of the Piedmont, Mountains, and rarely Coastal Plain]
......4 Lower surface of leaves persistently and densely short-hairy; leaves obtuse to subacute
......4 Lower surface of leaves glabrous or with scattered hairs mainly on the main veins; leaves acute to acuminate
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