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Key to Morus

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1 Leaf blade 2-7 (-9) cm long; leaf undersurface scabrous or pubescent; petioles 0.3-0.6 (-1.5) cm long
1 Leaf blade (6-) 8-18 (-36) cm long; leaf undersurface glabrous or hairy (but not scabrous); petioles 2-5 cm long.
  2 Lobes elongate, 3-6× as long as wide, and with relatively parallel margins
  2 Lobes elliptic, rounded, generally 1-2× as long as wide.
    3 Upper leaf surface glossy, glabrous or slightly scabrous; lower leaf surface glabrous, or slightly pubescent on the veins and in the vein axils only; ripe fruits black, purple, red, pink, or white; pistillate inflorescences 5-8 mm long (in flower)
    3 Upper leaf surface dull, scabrous; lower leaf surface pubescent on the veins, veinlets, and the surface between the veins; ripe fruits black or purple; pistillate inflorescences 8-12 mm long (in flower)
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