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Key to Hypericum, Key E: herbaceous St. John's-worts with broad leaves, 3 (-4) locular capsules, stamens connate at base into 3 or 5 fascicles, leaves with black dots as well as translucent glands (except in H. perforatum), and sepals and/or petals marked with black dots or lines

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1 Smaller stems strongly wing-angled; seeds 1.0-1.3 mm long; leaves of the main stem (8-) 11-20 (-26) mm long, those of the lateral branches typically much smaller; leaves punctate primarily with translucent glands, black glands few and restricted to the margins and occasionally in from the margins near the leaf tip; [exotic, usually in disturbed habitats]; [section Hypericum]
1 Smaller stems not wing-angled; seeds 0.6-1.1 mm long; leaves of the main stem (11-) 21-48 (-64) mm long, those of the lateral branches nearly to quite as large; leaves punctate with primarily black glands; [native, in a variety of habitats]; [section Graveolentia].
  2 Petals (3.0-) 4.3-12.2 (-14.0) mm long; sepals 1.5-6 mm long, conspicuously punctate with black glands (sometimes also black-lined); capsules (2.5-) 3.0-5.4 (-6.0) mm long; [collectively widespread, occurring in the Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Mountains of NC, SC, and VA].
    3 Sepals 3-6 mm long; styles (2.5-) 5.4-7.4 (-9.0) mm long; petals (6.0-) 9.2-12.2 (-14.0) mm long; leaf apices acute
    3 Sepals 1.5-4.0 mm long; styles (1.0-) 1.4-2.4 (-3.0) mm long; petals (3.0-) 4.3-5.9 (-9.0) mm long; leaf apices obtuse to slightly retuse
  2 Petals 6-18 mm long; sepals 4-10 mm long, with or without black lines (sometimes also black-punctate); capsules (3.0-) 4.0-7.7 (-10.0) mm long; [endemic to moderate to high elevations of w. NC, sw. VA, and e. TN].
      4 Styles (3.0-) 5.6-10.0 (-12.0) mm long; sepals without black lines; petals (5.0-) 11.5-16.1 (-18.0) mm long, without black lines and with round black glands only along the petal margin; longest stamens (8.0-) 10.7-16.3 (-22.0) mm long; cymes relatively few-flowered, (2-) 5-14 (-22) flowers per plant
      4 Styles (1.5-) 1.9-2.9 (-5.0) mm long; sepals with black lines; petals (6.0-) 7.0-9.2 (-11.0) mm long, with black lines and round black glands scattered over the surface of the petal; longest stamens (4.0-) 6.1-8.5 (-10.0) mm long; cymes relatively many-flowered, (5-) 13-61 (124) flowers per plant
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