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Key to Peltandra

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1 Spathe green at base, bright white above (the white portion not merely a margin), flared open and therefore only loosely surrounding the spadix, succulent below, the white portion thin and herbaceous, the margins generally nearly entire and plane; fruits red; distal portion of leaf blade lacking broad, coarse veins similar to the midvein (all the veins alike and fine); leaf underside distinctly paler than upper surface, and glaucescent
1 Spathe green (rarely with a narrow cream-colored or whitish margin up to 1.7 cm wide), tightly surrounding the spadix, thick and succulent throughout, the margins crisped; fruits green to dark purplish-green; distal portion of leaf blade often with several broad, coarse veins similar to the midvein, the remainder of the veins fine (sometimes the distal portion of the leaf with fine veins only); leaf underside somewhat paler green than upper surface, but not at all glaucescent
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