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Key to Koelreuteria

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1 Leaves pinnate (rarely bipinnate in part), the leaflets coarsely crenate to lobulate; capsule valves ovate, ca. 2 × as long as wide; capsules greenish to tawny when young, aging to dark brown
1 Leaves bipinnate, the leaflets entire to shallowly serrate; capsule valves orbicular, 0.9-1.4 × as long as wide; capsules rose-purple when young, aging to tawny-brown.
  2 Leaflets weakly oblique, acute to short-acuminate, entire to uniformly serrate; leaflet upper surfaces dull-green, matte; petals 4 (-5)
  2 Leaflets strongly oblique, long acuminate to caudate, entire to irregularly crenate-serrate; leaflet upper surfaces smooth and shiny; petals (4-) 5
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