Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Key to Hudsonia

1 Pedicels 0-1 (-3) mm long; leaves 1-3 mm long, ovate, densely tomentose, appressed to the stem and overlapping; stamens 8-20; [of the outer Coastal Plain of VA and ne. NC northwards, and Mountains of WV northwards]
1 Pedicels 4-10 mm long; leaves 3-7 mm long, subulate, slightly pubescent, spreading; stamens 10-30; [collectively of the Mountains of NC and Coastal Plain of SC, MD, DE, and NJ].
..2 Sepals obtuse to acute, lacking long-acuminate apices; stamens 10-20; leaves 3-4.5 (-6) mm long, sparsely villous; fruits cylindric; [of the Coastal Plain of SC, MD, DE, and NJ, and northwards]
..2 Sepals acuminate, with attenuate apices 1-2 mm long; stamens 20-30; leaves 5-7 mm long, glabrate to sparsely villous; fruits urceolate to campanulate; [of the Mountains of NC]