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Key to Sagina

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1 Flowers principally 4-merous; sepals 4, divergent in fruit; petals 4 or absent; stamens 4 (or rarely 8).
..2 Leaf base margins long-ciliate; pedicels glandular-pubescent; petals absent or minute
..2 Leaf base margins glabrous or with minute glandular cilia; pedicels always glabrous; petals equal to or shorter than the sepals
1 Flowers principally 5-merous; sepals 5, erect in fruit; petals 5; stamens 5 or 10.
....3 Plants often purple-tinged; pedicels and sepals glabrous or sparsely glandular-pubescent, sepal-tips often purple; capsule sutures ≥ 1/2 capsule length; seeds with dorsal groove
....3 Plants green; pedicels densely glandular-pubescent, the sepal tips green or white; capsule sutures 1/4 capsule length; seeds without dorsal groove
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