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Key to Alternanthera

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1 Inflorescences borne on peduncles 1-7 cm long, these from the leaf axils or terminal.
..2 Bracts keeled; tepals pilose; leaves not succulent, acute to acuminate at the tip
..2 Bracts not keeled; tepals glabrous; leaves somewhat succulent, obtuse to rounded at the tip
1 Inflorescences sessile, in the leaf axils.
image of plant
Show caption*© Scott Ward, dimorphic tepals
....3 Tepals dimorphic; tepal hairs barbed.
......4 Leaf blades longer than broad; tepals 3-5 mm long, densely villous
......4 Leaf blades as broad as long; tepals 5-7 mm long, sparsely villous
image of plant
Show caption*© Scott Ward, monomorphic tepals
....3 Tepals monomorphic; tepal hairs not barbed.
........5 Mature fruit included within the tepals; spikes globular; stems sericeous
........5 Mature fruit exserted between the tepals; spikes narrow, short-cylindric; stems glabrous to pubescent in lines (the nodes also pubescent)
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