Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Key to Impatiens

1 Corolla purple, pink, or white; plants 3-6 (-8) dm tall; stems puberulent or glabrous; [cultivated alien, rarely escaped].
..2 Sepal spur strongly recurved; stems puberulent
..2 Sepal spur slightly curved; stems glabrous or with widely scattered hairs
1 Corolla yellow or orange (rarely cream or white); plant mostly 5-25 dm tall; stems glabrous; [native].
....3 Flowers orange (rarely orange-yellow or white); calyx spur (colored) 7-10 mm long, curved forward parallel to the calyx sac
....3 Flowers yellow (rarely cream or white); calyx spur (colored) 4-6 mm long, at a right angle to the calyx sac