Flora of the Southeastern United States
2022 Edition


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Key to Anagallis

Click the number at the start of a key lead to highlight both that lead and its corresponding lead. Click again to show only the two highlighted leads. Click a third time to return to the full key with the selected leads still highlighted.

1 Petals blue, ca. 2× as long as the sepals
1 Petals red, salmon, or blue (rarely white), ca. 1× as long as the sepals.
..2 Leaf blades with prominent scattered purple dots on the lower surface; flowers red to salmon-colored (often drying dark blue on herbarium specimens); petal margins fringed with minute gland-tipped hairs; pedicels 12-28 mm, definitely exceeding the subtending leaves
..2 Leaf blades lacking purple dots, or these only towards the tip of the leaf; flowers blue; petal margins uneven or finely toothed, but lacking gland-tipped hairs; pedicels 6-14 mm long, scarcely exceeding the subtending leaves